About Us

The Parkwood Residents Association (PRA) is an open and inclusive organization that welcomes all residents of the Parkwood community.

With its proximity to national research centers, federal government departments, and renowned scientific institutions, Parkwood has benefited from residents from diverse backgrounds for decades. Many are engaged in health care, education, social services, and nonprofit organizations. The cultural richness this provides our neighborhood can be seen in our deliberations and actions on public policy challenges and other issues that affect us and the county directly.

The PRA encourages all residents to engage in our regular meetings and on the community listserve to expand the marketplace of ideas that help us do meaningful work for Parkwood. Together we have helped the PRA become known as a civic group that is well organized and effective. We have accomplished much through inclusiveness, openness and transparency, and we hope you will join us to meet future challenges.

The Parkwood neighborhood (in white) is bordered by Cedar Lane, Parkwood Drive and Westbrook Lane.

We encourage you to join the PRA and to help make our community an even better place to live.

The current PRA bylaws can be downloaded here.

The PRA articles of incorporation can be found here.

You can read a history of the PRA from 1975-1995 here.

Parkwood Photos from the 50s

Photos courtesy of Kathy Byars.

Top left – Aerial view of Parkwood, showing parts ofWoodfield Rd, Edgefield Rd, Roxbury Dr, and Parkwood Dr

Top Right – Franklin St and Parkwood Dr, looking towards Rock Creek (Beach Dr does not yet exist!)

Right Center – Corner of Saul Rd and Edgefield Rd

Bottom left – Corner of Saul Rd and Wildwood Rd

Bottom right – Early map of Parkwood

PRA Committees

The PRA bylaws establish seven standing committees. In addition, the President is authorized under the bylaws, and with the consent of the Executive Committee, to establish special committees as needed.  Currently, there are two special committees:  Development and Safety.  The responsibilities of these committees are described below.  The names of the chairs of the committees as well as the PRA officers, along with their contact information, follows at the end.

Committee Responsibilities

Beautification: The Beautification Committee is charged with maintaining and improving the public spaces within Parkwood.

Block Captains:  The block captains distribute the newsletter, and possibly other documents, to all households in Parkwood. The chairperson coordinates the work of the block captains.

Civic Liaison:  The Civic Liaison Committee Chair attends or sends committee members to attend meetings of various government agencies, citizen groups, or other organizations.

Development Committee:  The Development Committee monitors the status of development projects, both proposed and underway, that could affect the Parkwood community. These projects can include new buildings and houses, proposed changes in traffic management, and other infrastructure work.

Listserve:  The chair of the email list committee is responsible for administering the PRA email list.

Membership: The membership chair and the treasurer coordinate receipt and deposit of dues and contributions, and maintain the list of current PRA members.

Safety: The Safety Committee provides Parkwood Residents with information and resources that will assist them in staying safe and in protecting their property from theft.  The committee posts incident reports to inform the community of criminal activity.

Website:  The chair of this committee is responsible for maintaining the official PRA web site currently at parkwoodresidents.org. The web site includes as a minimum the Bylaws, minutes of recent meetings as provided by the Secretary, copies of recent newsletters as provided by the Vice President, and other documents as determined by the Executive Committee. Notice of Association Meetings shall be prominently displayed.

Welcoming:  The Welcoming Committee is intended to maintain a welcome packet and coordinate outreach to new residents.


PresidentKira Lueders301-564-0263kklarl@yahoo.com
Vice PresidentJeffrey Griffith301-633-4512jeffgpra@gmail.com
SecretaryMary Ellen Savaresemesavaresepra@gmail.com
TreasurerGerald Sharp301-332-9887gbs2001@yahoo.com

Standing Committee Chairs

BeautificationKira Lueders301-564-0263kklarl@yahoo.com
Block CaptainKira Lueders301-564-0263kklarl@yahoo.com
Civic LiasionBailey Condrey571-213-2729baileycondrey@gmail.com
Robert Shroff
Susie Stritar
MembershipPaula Flickerpftoo@mindspring.com
WebmasterRobert Shroffresidentsparkwood@gmail.com
WelcomingGabrielle Prandoni301-654-7499946gprandoni@gmail.com

Special Committee Chairs

DevelopmentJeffrey Griffith301-633-4512jeffgpra@gmail.com
SafetyJill Lipton
Gabrielle Prandoni

Other Executive Committee Members

Montgomery County
Civic Federation Delegates
Kira Lueders
Jeff Griffith

Bailey Condrey

Newsletter EditorJeff Griffith301-633-4512jeffgpra@gmail.com
Past PresidentBailey Condrey571-213-2729baileycondrey@gmail.com

If you have content or suggestions for this site, please contact us at residentsparkwood@gmail.com.