Development Projects

The following projects are being planned or have been initiated near Parkwood.

A summary of each project can be found below.

New Buildings Planned for NW corner of Summit and Knowles

Background: Two new buildings are being proposed for the northwest corner of Summit Avenue and Knowles Avenue. The basic design of the project is for two, five story buildings, one on each lot, and totally residential. There will be 75-100 units, with a split of 1 and 2 bedrooms, with numbers of each to be determined by the level of interest. Tom Brault, the developer, is also the developer of the Knowles Station Wine Company, the Residences at Knowles Station, and The flats at Knowles Station.The project is in the “pre-application” stage and no documents have been filed with Planning.

Latest Update:

  • September 15, 2022: The developer held a public meeting to present the proposal. See this report of the meeting from Clare Murphy and Kira Lueders.

Updated 09/27/2022

Residences at Knowles Station and The Flats at Knowles Station

View from Knowles Ave. @ Summit Ave. (picture from Woodside Builders)

Background: Two building projects at the intersection of Knowles Avenue and Summit Avenue have been proposed by Woodside Builders and DVA Architects.

On the south side of Knowles there will be six townhouses, referred to as The Residences at Knowles Station; this project has been approved by the Planning Board and construction has begun.

On the north side a 95-unit apartment complex has been proposed, including some commercial activity on the ground level.

Issues: Regarding The Residences at Knowles Station, there is a right-turn-only lane on north-bound Summit for cars turning east onto Knowles. The Montgomery County Planning Board [PB] is proposing that Knowles Avenue be narrowed to accommodate a wider sidewalk and a bike lane in front to the townhouses. This proposal is still pending resolution by the State Highway Administration [SHA] , which has jurisdiction over Knowles, a state road. For The Flats at Knowles Station a study of traffic impact is pending.

Latest Update: Updates will be provided when new information from the Planning Board or the SHA is available.

More information: More design information is available from the developer and the designer.

Updated 03/23/2022

Silver Creek Senior Living 62+ [previously Knowles Manor]

View from the north side of Knowles Ave. (picture from Knowles Manor LLC)

Latest Update: This new building for seniors on Knowles Avenue opposite Strosnider’s now has an onsite leasing office. 301-778-1331. According to staff, interest has been brisk and many of the one-bedroom units have been rented already.

Background: Silver Creek Senior Living 62+ will consist of 94 one- and two-bedroom units for seniors ages sixty-two and over. Income restrictions apply.

Monthly rental will be $1,370 to $$1,757.

More Information: An outline of the project can be found on the developer’s website.

Updated 03/20/2022

Modena by Solera Senior Living

(picture from McCaffery Properties)

Latest update: This facility is now open. For contact them at 240-998-9990 or

Background: This is an independent living (62 apts.), assisted living (47 apts.), and memory care (26 apts.) complex . The developer describes them as “luxury units’ located adjacent to the Kensington train station.  See the developer’s website for more information.


Independent: starting at $4,650/month for a one-bedroom

Assisted: starting at $4,550/month for a shared apt. and $6,100/month for a studio

Memory Care: starting at $8,295/month for a shared apt. and $9,895/month for a studio

There is one-time non-refundable community fee of $7,500

Updated 05/21/2022

Warner Circle Park

Background: Warner Circle Special Park is a 4.5-acre property located at 10231Carroll Place in the heart of the Kensington Historic District. Washington Landmark Construction [WLC] has proposed developing the mansion at Warner Circle into 12 condominiums. WLC is experienced in historic preservation for commercial purposes; see, for example, the Washington Seminary Project.  The project will be ADA compliant with the assumption that residents will age in place. The Town of Kensington Council has approved a resolution of support.

Latest Update:

  • The County Council has given approval to this project.
  • See WLC presentation at a public meeting held at Kensington Town Hall in September 2019 and a summary of that meeting in the Fall 2019 Parkwood Residents Newsletter, starting on page 21 at the top of the first column.

Updated 03/23/2022

Crossroads of Kensington

Picture from H & R Retail

Crossroads of Kensington (formerly Kensington Crossing) is a proposed 11,000 sq ft retail development at 10619 Connecticut Ave. at the corner of Connecticut Ave and Plyers Mill Rd. Further details of this proposal can be found at the developer’s website here.

Also, see especially the information on the Town of Kensington Development Review Board, including the visuals in the Power Point presentation and the daytime and nighttime videos.

Latest Update:

  • May 19, 2022: The Planning Board (PB) approved the project with conditions as specified in the staff report. Of particular note, in response to concerns expressed by citizens who testified and by board members, the PB has asked the State Highway Administration to exam the proposed access to Metropolitan Avenue and to confirm that it is safe and sufficient. The recording of the PB meeting on the project is found here, beginning at 1:21:50 p.m. The staff report is here.
  • April 21, 2022: The Planning Board has rescheduled its decision on this project to April 21, 2022.
  • February 2, 2022 – Planning Board tentatively scheduled a hearing on Feb 3, 2022 to obtain public comment on the developer’s application.
  • On April 12 the Kensington Town Council voted to support the project in a letter to the Planning Board, subject to submission of a formal plan to the Board. The Council identified several issues, including the importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety, and environmental factors, e.g, the value of LEED Silver certification. At the meeting several citizens questioned the adequacy of parking and the potential for a traffic backup onto Connecticut Avenue if the proposed single drive thru banking lane is approved.

Updated 05/21//2022

Summit Avenue Extension

Latest Update:

  • May 19, 2022: The County Council approved funding for the project in the 2023 CIP budget. Design is scheduled for FY27, and completion of the project by FY31.

Background: The SUMMIT AVENUE EXTENDED project as proposed by the County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is intended to alleviate severe traffic congestion along Connecticut Avenue, especially at the intersection of Connecticut and Knowles. 

The Town of Kensington (ToK) Council has expressed strong support for the project.  Its letter summarizes how the project would reduce congestion and states that it would “…benefit all forms and modes of transportation, to include pedestrian, wheeled, private vehicle, and public transit.” 

The Parkwood Residents Association has tried to keep residents informed but has not taken a formal position on the project.  Some residents have expressed support for the project; some have expressed concern about a possible increase in traffic on Cedar Lane.

Updated 05/12/2022

Connecticut Avenue Corridor Safety

The Maryland State Highway Administration recently published the MD185 Corridor Needs Analysis which reviews safety along Connecticut Avenue from the University split to the DC line at Chevy Chase Circle. 

Updated 05/12/2022

Noyes Children’s Library

May 19, 2022: Councilmember Friedson reported that the Noyes Library for Young Children Rehabilitation and Renovation project is “…finally fully funded, and thanks to our state partners and a significant county commitment, construction is scheduled to begin this fiscal year.”  The Noyes Children’s Library Foundation says that more details will be forthcoming soon.

Updated; 05/21/2022