Community Issues

The Community Issues section of the website will track activities and projects that could affect our community. We will be updating this page soon.

We will be providing information on the following topics.

• Development Projects [e.g., proposed new buildings and construction]
• Environmental Concerns [e.g., possible county-wide composting service for home]
• State and County Political Activities [e.g., state and county budget challenges]
• Traffic Management [e.g., 495/270]
• Safety in the ‘hood [e.g., warnings about scams, stats on thefts from cars]
• Diversity, Inclusion, and Racism [e.g., what can be done]
• Community Center [e.g., reports on progress, we hope]
• KPES, Schools, and MCPS [e.g., the boundary study]

There will be a report for each issue and sub issue which will include:

• Brief description of what the issue is
• Summary of current status/latest action
• Summary of previous actions
• Pros/Cons if appropriate
• Links to other information sources

If you have content or suggestions for this site, please contact us at