2022 Proposed PRA Budget

Having conducted a competitive bidding process for maintenance of the PRA gardens and selected a new contractor, we now have a final version of the proposed 2022 PRA budget, which must be approved by members. As seen in the table below, the amount set aside for the gardens is $5,500 which is slightly less than the $5,629 spent in 2021. The bid by the contractor is $4,225. However, because this will be the first year working with a new company, and because other needs may arise during the year, we want to allow for contingencies. Also, the new contract does not include all the work that was previously performed by Bailey Condrey.  For example, purchase of new plants is not included, nor the maintenance of planting areas outside the five main Parkwood gardens. We have therefore set aside $1,275 for the planting of perennials and other gardening expenses that may arise, bringing the total for maintenance and improvement of the gardens to $5,500. The full 2021 Treasurer’s Report with the updated 2022 proposed budget can be seen here.

Suggestions from Members for improvements to the gardens are welcome and can be emailed to residentsparkwood@gmail.com.