PRA Elections and Budget Voting Procedures

Every two years the members of the Parkwood Residents Association vote to elect officers and committee chairs. Additionally, we need to vote to approve the annual budget for the coming year. This year we are going to hold these votes online, to try and expand the opportunity for members to vote and enable more time for members to review and discuss the proposed budget and slate of officers and committee chairs.

All current nominees for the officers and committee chairs can be found here.

Details for the proposed budget for the coming year can be found here.

Schedule for 2022 elections

May 10-17

  • Up to and including May 17, members may nominate any others for any officer or chair position and may submit proposed amendments to the budget, with an explanation of the proposed change.
  • Please email all nominations and amendments to All nominees and proposed amendments will be published.
  • PRA members can submit any comments/questions by email to . The text of these emails will be posted to this website for all to see, with answers where appropriate.

May 17

  • We will hold a Zoom meeting at 7.30pm on May 17th to discuss the election of officers and chairs and the proposed budget.
  • After discussion of the budget and officers/chairs, the floor will be open for any other issues members may want to discuss.  These can include, for example, candidates and issues involved in the upcoming primary (July 19) and general election (November 8), local development projects, safety in the community, or any topic of concern to the community.
  • A recording of the meeting will be available on this website.

May 18 – 20

All members of the PRA will be emailed a link to vote. Voting is open to any individual aged 18 or over that resides within a paid member household. Voting will close at the end of the day on May 20.

May 21

Results will be published on this website, emailed to all members of the PRA and posted on the PRA listserve.