Seasonal Parkwood Scenes 2008-2010:
all photos © Peter Mansbach unless otherwise noted

Spring 2008
Boy kicking soccer ball

I was warned not to take any more photos of any kids without prior permission of their parents. And certainly not to post any photos on the Parkwood web site. It is with regret that I have removed all photos that contain kids or recognizable adults. They appear as black boxes on this page.
Boy playing baseball

Summer 2008
Parkwood sign, summer 2008
Flowers on Saul Rd Island
Flowers on Saul Rd Island. These two photos (the one to the left was used in the header) by Clare Murphy

Ghost, Saul Rd
Halloween ghost, Saul Rd, 2008

Fall 2008
Autumn leaves, Saul Rd
Autumn leaves, Saul Rd
Fallen leaves
Fallen leaves, Woodfield Rd

Winter 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2009
Happy Halloween! (2009)

Dec 2009 snowstorm

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