Parkwood Residents Association
10112 Wildwood Road
Kensington, MD 20895-4113

March 26, 2007

Ms Andrea Turner
Traffic Engineering and Operations Section
Division of Operations
Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation
101 Orchard Ridge Dr.
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Dear Ms Turner,

The Parkwood Residents Association (PRA) represents approximately 900 homes in Bethesda and Kensington bordered by Parkwood Drive, Cedar Lane and Westbrook Lane, as shown on the enclosed map. PRA has been informed by two residents of Parkwood that there are continuing problems with non-resident parking in a one block area in which they live, which is adjacent to Kensington-Parkwood Elementary School. Due to these problems, Kim Seiler and Stacey Donovan have submitted a request to DPWT to obtain residential parking permits for the east side of Saul Road between Franklin Street and Oldfield Drive (see map).

We hope the County will give prompt attention to this request from Parkwood residents.It is reasonable for the County to alleviate the problems caused by non-resident parking by posting “Permit Parking Only” signs in this limited area of Parkwood. Residents who attended our recent PRA meeting were informed of this request and were supportive. Those not present at the meeting have been informed with a posting on the PRA listserve, and this letter will be available to the entire community on the PRA website (


Kira K. Lueders
President, PRA

Clarification email to Joe Pospisil, Oct 3:

Attention: Joe Pospisil
As we discussed a short time ago, I wanted to clarify that in regard to the designation of Parkwood as a Residential Permit Area (RPA), the letter I wrote on March 26, 2007 to DPW&T as president of the Parkwood Residents Association (Exhibit 1 at the Hearing) cannot be used as a supporting document. Also as we discussed, you assured me that this information will be conveyed to Ms. Diane Schwartz-Jones. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the hearing because of another committment.

The information I would like to submit is as follows: I just read the Parking Permit Hearing transcript and was dismayed to see my letter (Exhibit 1, with my name badly misspelled) characterized as "supporting permit parking in Parkwood", which is a misrepresentation of what was said and intended. Please note that my letter was only in reference to one block of Saul Rd. The Parkwood Residents Association (PRA) discussed the issue of parking difficulties raised by Kim Seiler, a resident of the 4700 block of Saul Road, at our March meeting. Residents of that block had voted in favor of permits. The County had told Ms. Seiler that it would be easier for those residents to get a hearing if PRA supported their request for a hearing. Those present at the PRA meeting authorized me to write a letter from PRA asking the County to give residents of that one block of Saul Rd who wanted to apply for a residential parking permit the opportunity to do so. Only when signs were posted around the neighborhood that a hearing was to be held to declare the whole of Parkwood a RPA, did it become clear that this was the process necessary for one block to be a RPA. The necessity to declare the whole of Parkwood a RPA was not known to me at the time I wrote my letter in March, and my letter made no reference to permit parking in the entire Parkwood area. I want to make it absolutely clear that my letter was not intended to "support permit parking in Parkwood" as a whole, since I was not authorized to do so as president of PRA. It was also explained in the September PRA newsletter (which was also submitted as an exhibit at the Hearing) that "PRA has not taken a formal position on this issue, preferring instead for neighbors to express their opinions at the hearing or in writing." That is the position of PRA that should be used in deliberations based on the Hearing. I would appreciate notification from you and Ms. Schwartz-Jones that you have received this correction to the record to be sure it will be considered. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Kira Lueders
President PRA
10112 Wildwood Rd
Kensington, MD 20895

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