Next Meeting:
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7:30
Kensington Parkwood Elementary School


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Five feet of snow, and now we know, how it feels to live in Buffalo…New York that is. It took them a while, but in the end, the county did an extraordinary job with snow removal in Parkwood. As a number of streets were never plowed following the December 19th storm, I still await confirmation that county officials have remapped these streets to place them on their snow removal grid.

This winter’s snow was unprecedented and it did a number on the neighborhood. Many community curbs have been broken and gardens have been damaged. If you know of a concrete curb that has been damaged or broken, please notify me at, so that I can send a comprehensive list to the county to facilitate their timely repair. The Beautification Committee will need extra volunteers and time this spring to put things back in shape. Both the Saul Road and Wildwood gardens have suffered and if you can help, please let us know.

One of the primary objectives for the next meeting will be election of officers to serve on the PRA Board. These positions are all held by volunteers whom have served at least two years, some have served many more. If you would like to volunteer for the office of president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, or membership chairman, then you should attend the meeting and be prepared to deliver a short synopsis describing yourself and why you would like to contribute your time to serving Parkwood. This should take about five minutes for each office seeker. The floor will be opened for discussion and elections will then be held.

Other items on the agenda include discussion and approval of a draft PRA budget for 2010; a discussion on the pros and cons of annexation of Parkwood by the Town of Kensington; reports by various committees and coalitions; and discussions on a neighborhood block party and yard sale.

We hope to see you there.

Bailey Condrey
PRA President


President: Bailey Condrey, Jr; 571-213-2729 Cell;
Vice President/Newsletter Editor: Julie Tierney;
Secretary: Maryann Dillon; 301-493-5140;
Treasurer: Gerald Sharp;


The PRA will elect officers at the next meeting. The board and committee chair positions shake out in the following manner at present:

The following represents a summation of the duties and responsibilities that each of these positions entails.

PRESIDENT: Attends various meetings with county officials and local, state and federal politicians on the issues that are relevant to the community such as the BRAC expansion of Bethesda Naval Hospital, public hearings, and county council meetings. Schedules regular meetings of the PRA to keep members informed of progress and to effectively move action items for the community. These meetings are set up through the County's Community Use of Public Facilities office.

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Coordinates with the vice president to publish and distribute a regular newsletter that is hand-delivered to every home in Parkwood. Establishes a liaison relationship with various county entities, Parks, Traffic Engineering, County Arborist, Police, Schools, DOT and others. Makes regular postings to the list serv on issues that affect the community and attempts to provide timely information on various subjects. Works with the web master and list serv moderator regularly. Networks with the vice president, other officers and committee chairs on various issues to reach consensus on next steps. Works with beautification chair to ensure that projects slated for Parkwood are accomplished. Coordinates drafting the PRA budget.

VICE PRESIDENT: The current VP serves as the liaison to the White Flint Community Coalition that works with various entities to ensure that the future expansion of the White Flint sector takes the needs of surrounding communities into account. Julie Tierney would like to continue to serve as this liaison for Parkwood. Should a new VP wish to assume these duties, a hand-off can occur. VP shares this information with other PRA officers and members. Coordinates with the president, membership chair, treasurer and newsletter distribution chair to print and distribute a regular newsletter. The VP is responsible for the content of the newsletter, its printing, and its delivery to the newsletter distribution chair. The VP works with other officers to share information relevant to the community. VP stands in for the president at regular meetings in case of absence. Helps in drafting the budget.

TREASURER: Oversees the checking and interest-bearing accounts of the PRA and reports regularly on their status. Reimburses officers for expenses and pays for costs incurred in running the Association. Networks with Membership Chair and others to coordinate the annual PRA membership drive. Ensures that PRA membership dues and beautification contributions are received from the membership chair, deposited to the accounts and tracked appropriately. Helps with drafting the budget. Files PRA tax forms.

SECRETARY: Records the minutes of regular PRA meetings and shares a transcribed copy of the minutes with PRA officers for editing, posting to the PRA web site and list serv, incorporating final comments and/or edits, before having them approved by the PRA membership at subsequent meetings. A final record is then delivered to the web master for final placement on the PRA web site. Networks with other officers on issues of importance to the community. Helps in drafting the PRA budget.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR: Works with the treasurer to ensure that PRA dues and donations are transferred into the appropriate accounts. Helps to coordinate the annual PRA membership drive.

The community is always looking for new talent and inspiration so please be sure to attend the next meeting April 13 ready to volunteer your time and efforts.


Cub Scout Pack 460 and Girl Scout Troop 5605 are sponsoring this year's cleanup and invite the Parkwood community to participate. The Cleanup is April 10 beginning at 9 and running to 12. Please check in and get your bags and gloves at the table located on the bike path at the intersection of Beach and Franklin. We can fan out left or right from that point. Full bags should be placed near the bike path for pickup by Montgomery County. Service Learning Credits are available. Keep in mind this is a rain or shine event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Louise Hansen at or 240 838 9584.

Volunteers are responsible for the home delivery of the PRA newsletter and they undertake this effort at least three times each year. They provide an invaluable service in keeping the community informed, ensuring that residents without access to the list serv stay abreast of Parkwood issues. I’d like to extend the deep appreciation of the Parkwood Board to these volunteers, many of whom have helped for several years. New volunteers are shown in parenthesis. We give a hearty round of thanks to the following residents:

Laura Akinbami, Roger Ashland, Debbie Blumenthal, Mary Brown, Sandy Cepaitis, Al DelGrosso, Maryann Dillon, Marie Eibel, David Flumbaum, Cathie Flynn, (Anne Palamu), Tricia Gill, Matt & Liz Grandonico, Annelise Hafer, Carol Hall, Scott &Cheryl Imirie, (Topsy Szkutnik), Beth Israel, Mariann Jacobs, Becky Johnson, Shirley Lewis, Kira Lueders, Brenda Marshall, Diana Mears, Craig Milhiser, Sharon Parver, Jennifer Reed, Laura Roberts, Meg Shaw, Tammy Stuckey, (Robert Howe), Julie Tierney, Charlotte Taylor, Lynn Weidenschilling, Rich Wilhelm, Gail Yamazaky, Mariann Jacobs, Barbara Wilson and Lucy Wyatt.


The following budget will be discussed and voted upon at the next PRA meeting:

Beautification costsAmount ($)
Grass seed to replant islands damaged during snow removal200
New and replacement plants500
Labor to maintain plants1000
New signs for entrances to Parkwood (previously approved by PRA)1600
PRA meeting announcement signs with larger lettering (approved at last PRA meeting)200
Printing costs (4 newsletters @ ~$275 each)1100
Mailing costs (1 issue at $500)500
Administrative costs
Meeting room rental (4 PRA meetings a year @ $25/meeting)100
Membership in Montgomery County Civic Federation65
Miscellaneous administrative expenses100
Membership. Return self-addressed envelopes, registration forms 100
Membership. Magnetic reminder cards, postage, thank you letters200
Website and listserv expenses100
Potential 2010 Expenses
Donations to schools serving Parkwood ($200 for KP and $100 each for NB and WJ - to be dedicated donations for landscaping for the all schools)400
Donation to FORCE - Friends of Rock Creek Extreme for clean up of Rock Creek Park50
Block party. Food and beverages, kids entertainment (tentative estimate)2000


White Flint Sector Plan: Through its membership in the Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC) and the White Flint Community Coalition, the Parkwood Residents Association has been focused on the White Flint Sector Plan since last fall. These groups have met with, and submitted comments to, the members of the County Council and their staff to voice concerns about planned density, traffic, and lack of planned infrastracture and community amenities for current and future residents. As of the time of printing of this newsletter, the Council’s comment period on the Sector Plan had closed and a vote was planned for March 23. The details on the entire plan can be found at:

Kensington Sector Plan: In January the CKC testified in support of the Kensington Sector plan. Details on this plan can be found at: The PRA testimony is available on the PRA website.

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