Next Meeting:
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 7:30
Kensington Parkwood Elementary School


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The remaining ten months of 2009 are going to be challenging for the community, in terms of securing the funding for neighborhood projects. Parkwood, however, is home to many people that are willing to give of their time and energy in order to make things happen.

The next meeting of the Parkwood Residents Association will take place on Tuesday, March 31st, at 7:30 p.m., in the multi-use room (aka the cafeteria), on the lower level at Kensington Parkwood Elementary. We’ll have a representative from the Montgomery County Police to answer questions about improving personal safety. Additional agenda items include a discussion on how to improve pedestrian safety around Kensington Parkwood Elementary School; spring beautification efforts; and upcoming community events.

The newsletter this month contains a single-page flyer that can be posted in a prominent place in your home as a reminder to lock your car and remove your valuables. County police have stressed that these two actions can have a profound effect on reducing incidents of larceny within a neighborhood. In 2007, 83 percent of vehicle break-ins occurred with unlocked cars. In 2008, roughly 75 percent of the theft from vehicles occurred with unlocked cars. These figures are from our area, so there is vast room for improvement. Take a moment, remove the flyer and put it where all members of the family can be reminded.

The pedestrian safety of children attending Kensington Parkwood Elementary has become so dicey that the school principal has asked that all children walking to class use only the crosswalk at Franklin and Saul Roads. Why? Because it is the only intersection with a uniformed crossing guard where children are deemed to be safe. She has been forced to pull her student patrols from the crosswalk at Oldfield and Saul Roads due to the unwillingness of drivers to obey speed limits and pedestrian right-of-way within the crosswalks there. The PRA will discuss measures to improve the safety of children around KPE at the meeting. Alternatives include placing bollards in the streets at crosswalk intersections, extending concrete curbs to slow drivers at school intersections, and placing rumble strips at stop signs and crosswalks around the school. It has also been suggested that a group of volunteers could conduct a traffic survey around the school to provide additional data to KPE and law enforcement.

The spring and summer will offer opportunities for us to spruce up the neighborhood and participate in a Rock Creek clean up. Don’t forget to make us aware of new neighbors, sign up for the listserv at, and visit the website at http// for more information on what’s happening in the community. I’ll see you March 31st.

Bailey Condrey
PRA President


The PRA has a February 2009 balance of $9034 with $3886 in our Wachovia checking and savings accounts and $5148 in our ING savings account. The interest rate for the ING account is more than 10-fold higher than that for Wachovia, so I keep as much of our funds there as possible. If you are interested in opening an ING account, let me know, and I can refer you. They are paying a $25 premium to people who deposit $250 or more, and they give the PRA $10 per referral.

Last year we received our highest amount of membership dues payments and beautification donations, a total of $4753, compared to $2971 in 2007 and $2750 in 2006 (based on records since 2000). Expenses in 2008 for the newsletter, beautification, meeting space rent, and other expenses totaled $2059, similar to what we spent in previous years. In 2008 we had the highest amount of income over expenses since 2000, the time frame for which I have records.

Our healthy balance sheet is due in part to Operation Envelope organized by Tamara Stuckey. Last year we stapled return addressed envelopes to half the winter newsletters, and this year, all winter newsletters. Kitty Stone, PRA Membership Chair, has had a record number of checks come in this year. I deposited $3420 in January and February, compared to deposits of $1997 in those months in 2008, a 70% increase. Incidentally, while stamping the checks “for deposit only,” I noticed that PRA is a very woman-supported organization. About 70% of checks in that deposit were signed by woman.

Have a New Neighbor?

The PRA is looking for ways to reach out to newcomers in the neighborhood. If you have a new neighbor (or recently moved to the neighborhood yourself), please contact Welcome Committee Chair Kathy Byars to have a PRA welcome packet dropped off. Contact Kathy at (301) 530-9441 or email her at .


Winter is slowly waning as the spring bulbs have begun pushing through the soil looking for their opportunity to welcome longer days and warmer weather back to our lives! Parkwood will be the lucky recipient of plants and landscaping materials from a home demolition in the neighborhood. Come to the next PRA meeting to help determine where the Beautification Committee will next focus its efforts and place these plants. The common areas at Parkwood Drive & Roxbury Road, Parkwood Drive & Parkwood Terrace, and Parkwood Drive & Cedar Lane have all been suggested.

Keep an eye out as the Wildwood Island comes to life this spring – thanks to the hard work of PRA volunteers! Also, funding has been provided to residents for projects such as the planting of daffodils along the Edgefield easement and the purchase of a biodegradable dog waste bag dispenser. If you have a project in mind for the 2009 season, please submit your idea to Beautification Chair Gail Dalferes Condrey ().


President: Bailey Condrey, Jr; 571-213-2729 Cell;
Vice President/Newsletter Editor: Julie Tierney;
Secretary: Maryann Dillon; 301-493-5140;
Treasurer: Gerald Sharp;

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Most vehicle break-ins in our area occur in unlocked cars

Help end the wave of car break-ins and show car thieves that Parkwood is not an easy target!




Montgomery County Police Non-Emergency: (301) 279-8000
In case of an emergency, call 911


If you missed joining up or renewing your membership in January, we encourage you to send in your application. As a member, you’ll support PRA’s efforts to represent the Parkwood community, share information through meetings and this newsletter, and exchange ideas through our listserv, which is free to everyone in Parkwood, member or not. Please support our efforts for modest dues of $10 a year per household.

2008 Membership/Renewal Application – Annual Dues per household: $10
Please mail or deliver your 2009 PRA membership renewal dues to: Kitty Stone, 4313 Clearbrook Lane, Kensington, MD 20895. Please make check payable to: Parkwood Residents Association and print your information below:

Name: _________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers: (daytime) ____________________________ (evening) _____________________
Email: _________________________________ Member of PRA Listserv? ( Yes / No ) (not required for PRA membership)

____ $10 membership dues
____ $______ donation to Beautification Committee (optional)

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Printed on 100% Recycled Paper

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