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Parkwood Resident's Association

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Next Meeting:
Monday, September 24 at 7:30
Kensington Parkwood Elementary School

PRA Meeting to Feature Jenny Reed of Natural Resources Design, Inc.

The Fall meeting of the Parkwood Residents Association will feature a presentation by Jenny Reed that illustrates the importance and benefits of working with, not against, nature in our gardens.

Ms. Reed worked in horticulture in Ireland for four years and has traveled extensively. For the last 15 years, she has worked as a landscape gardener designing and installing residential landscapes in the Washington area. In 2003, she got her Masters at the Conway School of Landscape Design. Jenny has taught horticulture and design at the Continuing Education Program at Montgomery College. Jenny now works with Lauren Wheeler in the ecologically focused firm, Natural Resources Design, Inc. (http://naturalresourcesdesign.com). The firm is committed to using native plants and implementing environmentally sensitive designs, including storm water management and creating wildlife habitats.

Enter the meeting on the Franklin Avenue side of the school.

Important County Public Hearing re: Proposal to Allow Residential Permit Parking:

You probably have noticed the signs recently posted in the neighborhood informing us of a public hearing to consider the creation of a new Parkwood Residential Permit Parking Area (RPA) scheduled for Thursday, September 20, 2007 from 4-6 pm in the Executive Office Building (EOB), Lobby Auditorium. The address for the EOB is 101 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD 20850. There will be an opportunity for people to testify at the hearing.

A number of residents have requested residential parking permits for two blocks of Saul Road in the vicinity of Kensington-Parkwood Elementary School, given the heavy volume of off-campus parking and the limited number of driveways along those blocks. In order for those two blocks to be considered for permits, all of Parkwood has to be designated a RPA. A RPA designation allows residents along individual blocks of Parkwood to obtain parking permits for their street if 2/3 of the residents along a given block sign a petition in favor of it.

The hearing is to determine whether the Parkwood RPA designation is appropriate for our neighborhood, not whether the two blocks of Saul Rd will actually get parking permits. If the Department of Public Works votes in favor of the RPA designation, then the application for Saul Road can be considered in a separate hearing. It does not mean there will be permit parking anywhere else in Parkwood unless 2/3 of the residents on any block agree to apply for it. If the Department of Public Works votes against designating Parkwood a RPA, then the two blocks on Saul Rd cannot get parking permits even though 2/3 of the residents on those two blocks have voted to apply for them. The hearing is not an occasion for Parkwood to “vote” on the issue of RPA in the traditional sense of voting. It is an opportunity for the community to express its views to the County, which will then make a decision based on community input. This is an important issue. Please make your wishes known to the County by either attending the meeting or communicating your opinion by mail or e-mail.

Please note that the Parkwood Residents Association has not taken a formal position on this issue, preferring instead for neighbors to express their opinions at the hearing or in writing.

For people who are unable to attend the September 20th Public Hearing regarding the proposed creation of a RPA in the Parkwood neighborhood, written testimony can be submitted to the following address:

Emil Wolanin, Chief
Traffic Engineering and Operations Section
Re: Parkwood Public Hearing
DPWT Division of Operations
101 Orchard Ridge Drive
2nd Floor
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Or an email can be sent to the following address: trafficops@montgomerycountymd.gov. Please address the emails to Emil Wolanin and use the subject heading of “Parkwood Public Hearing Testimony.” If you have any questions email or call:

Andrea (Sincoff) Turner
Planning Specialist II
Traffic Engineering & Operations
101 Orchard Ridge Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Beautification Committee needs new Chairperson

After many years serving as Chairperson of the Beautification Committee, Clare Murphy is stepping down. Clare will continue to volunteer as a caretaker of the Saul Road island, the primary entrance to Parkwood.

PRA is grateful to Clare for her hard work in making the island an attractive gateway. The donations that PRA receives earmarked for Beautification attest to the fact that the residents of our community appreciate the beauty of our neighborhood. It has long been our dream to spread Clare’s good work to other public spaces in Parkwood, such as the Wildwood traffic island. There must be someone with a love of gardening and ability to inspire others to volunteer who can step forward to assume leadership of this very important committee. If you’re interested, please contact Kira Lueders, President, at (301) 564-0263 or kklarl@yahoo.com to volunteer!

Parkwood Directory Published

By now, everyone should have received a copy of the Parkwood Neighborhood Directory provided courtesy of Jan Thomas of Long and Foster Real Estate. The directory lists residents by street addresses and also alphabetically, making it easy to get to know our neighbors. It also has a map of Parkwood, [copied from the web site] making it clear why our twisty streets sometimes cause strangers to wander around looking for the way out. The photo on the front cover by Jan Rothman captures the spirit of our neighborhood. If you have not received your copy or are new to the area, contact Jan [Thomas] at 301-907-7600.

Monitoring Neighborhood Vandalism

Earlier this year we had a number of incidents of vandalism in Parkwood. After a lively discussion on the PRA listserv, we shared information received from Officer Denise Gill, our neighborhood liaison with Police District 2. This information is being included in the newsletter since it raises important points for all of us.

First, Officer Gill recommends that EVERY incident of vandalism be reported to the Police non-emergency number (301) 279-8000. It’s not enough to just call her or leave a message. In order for it to get into the police's crime database and be considered an actual incident of vandalism which can be tracked by the police, you HAVE to file a crime report. The non-emergency number requires you to give your name, address, and phone number, and the Police typically will call you back to take the report over the phone within 24 hours.

Second, Officer Gill reminded us that while neither the Police nor residents can be doing surveillance in our neighborhoods 24/7, we should all be extra vigilant, keep eyes and ears open, and watch what’s going on.

Third, if you see a crime in progress, call 911. If you see or hear something suspicious, call the non-emergency police #, at 301-279-8000.The best chance to catch the vandals is to catch them in the act, and getting the police on scene is the key.

Finally, Officer Gill recommends keeping porch lights on -- or even better, motion detecting outdoor lights – to serve as a deterrent.

Volunteer Tutor Opportunities in Montgomery County

There are two volunteer tutoring opportunities we want to alert you to… one focused on children and one on adults:

SPARK (Student Practicing And Respecting Knowledge) is recruiting volunteer tutors. Each "sparkplug" makes a three-month commitment to volunteer once a week from 6:30 - 8:00 pm on the weekday evening that is most convenient. SPARK is held at the Ken-Gar Community Center, located at 4111 Plyers Mill Road. An orientation and training session will be held on Thursday, SEPTEMBER 27th for those who want to tutor a 3rd-5th grader. Please register in advance for this training session by calling Karen Jackson-Knight at 301-942-3514 or by e-mail to sparktutor@hotmail.com.

The Literacy Council of Montgomery County is seeking volunteers to tutor adult students. Founded in 1963, the Literacy Council is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults in Montgomery County learn to speak, read, write and understand English. The Literacy Council trains volunteers to tutor one-on-one or with small groups of adult students who live or work in Montgomery County. LCMC provides Basic Literacy (read and write) and English as a Second Language training programs (read, write and speak). Tutors are expected to meet with student/students twice a week for one hour. You can set your schedule and location with your students to allow total flexibility.

Prospective tutors for the Literacy Council do not need to have any prior experience in education. You only need to be fluent in English yourself and have the desire to assist an adult to read and write in English. The Council provides a one and a half-hour orientation during which they will introduce you to their organization and training methodology, this is followed by training workshops spread over two Saturdays and lasting a total of 12 hours.

Volunteers should make a one year commitment. Your impact? To provide your student/students with skills for life! For more information please call 301-610-0030 or email asoka@literacycouncilmcmd.org Website: http://www.literacycouncilmcmd.org/Volunteer.htm

Have a New Neighbor?

The PRA is looking for ways to reach out to newcomers in the neighborhood. A PRA welcome packet has been developed and Welcome Committee Chair Kathy Byars and PRA Block Captains have been diligently passing our packets out. If you would like to welcome a new neighbor or have Kathy or one of her volunteers drop off a packet, please contact her at (301)530-9441 or to send an email to: kathybyars@mris.com.

Neighbors Share Information via the PRA Listserv
This e-mail group, more than 300 members strong, is open to all residents of Parkwood, and a great way to share information, such as home improvement contractors or petty vandalism affecting our neighborhood. To subscribe, send a blank message to: parkwoodresidents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. You will receive a confirmation message when you are subscribed. Do not write anything in the subject or body of the message. It will not be seen by anyone and you will not get a response. This listserv can save the PRA funds and make Parkwood a safer place to live! Sign on to the list serve and get your neighbor to as well!

Have You Paid Your 2007 PRA Membership Dues?

Good news… we have over 300 households signed up for our free Listserv. Bad news… our paid membership is down this year! Yet all households, whether members or not, receive this newsletter free during the year, and all are invited to join the listserv at no charge. Further, your PRA officers and members are hard at work protecting your interests and advocating for Parkwood. Please support our efforts for a modest $10 a year. Those funds are used to defray costs, pay for beautification efforts, support the newsletter, and much more. Please consider joining for 2007!

2007 Membership/Renewal Application – Annual Dues per household: $10

Please mail or deliver your 2007 PRA membership renewal dues to: Kitty Stone, 4313 Clearbrook Lane, Kensington, MD 20895. Please make check payable to: Parkwood Residents Association. Print your information below:


Address:_____________________________________________ City:___________________Zip:_______

Phone Numbers:(daytime)___________________________evening________________________________



____   $10 membership dues

____   $____ donation to Beautification Committee (optional)

Parkwood Resident's Association Officers:

President: Kira Leuders, kklarl@yahoo.com, 10112 Wildwood Road, Kensington, Md 20895
Vice President/Newsletter Editor: Maryann Dillon, (301) 493-5140 dillem@erols.com,
Secretary: Brenda Marshall, (301) 530-0053 vze1wg7z@verizon.net
Treasurer: Paula Flicker, (301)897-3869, pftoo@mindspring.com
PRA Website Address: http://www.parkwoodresidents.org, Webmaster: Peter Mansbach, pmansbach@aol.com

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