Spring, 2005

Parkwood Resident's Association

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Next Meeting:
Monday, March 21 at 7:30
Kensington Park Library

Meet the landscape planner for Kensington Parkwood Elementary School
to learn what’s in store when our new school building is complete!

Webmaster note: Landscape planner has been postponed

Neighborhood Directory Under Way!

You should have received in the mail last month a one-page flyer from Jan Thomas at Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. You’ll recall from our last newsletter that Jan, a Parkwood resident, has offered to sponsor the cost of this directory as an associate broker of Long and Foster. She has used information already available from public records, such as the telephone directory, to compile her listings, and is asking residents to edit the information if needed, and add any extra information, such as any special service you can provide. You may also choose not to be published in the directory by returning the notice to her. Or, if everything’s fine as is, you won’t need to do anything to be included in the directory. If you need more information, or you have misplaced your flyer, you can contact Jan at (301)520-5179 or at BrightestChoice@comcast.net.

Parkwood Named a Top Family Neighborhood in Washingtonian Magazine

Check out the March issue of Washingtonian Magazine. Now the rest of the Washington metro area knows what we already know… Parkwood is one of the top neighborhoods in the area for families! The March issue highlights the top 50 neighborhoods in a variety of categories, including 20 neighborhoods singled out as best for families. And the first neighborhood listed is none other than Parkwood. Citing our convenient location, leafy setting, access to Rock Creek Park, and our terrific Kensington Parkwood Elementary School, the magazine quotes neighbor Katie Engen in its review. But where did they get those housing prices starting from the high $200,000s for a starter home? Those starters have ended a while back.

Beautification Committee: Spring is Coming!

March is upon us, so it’s time to think about Spring clean-up chores. And our Beautification Committee is already busy with plans to tackle the Wildwood traffic island as well as continue maintenance of the Saul Road island. We all admire the signage and landscaping when we enter our neighborhood at Saul Road. That beautiful gateway to Parkwood doesn’t just happen on its own… it’s the result of dedicated work from a small team of volunteers, many who have contributed their own labor, and even their own money, to make the entrance to our neighborhood a beautiful one. And we all know how important that first impression of Parkwood is!

For 2005, PRA has asked its members to make an additional voluntary cash contribution to the Beautification Committee when they renew their membership. We’re pleased to report we’ve raised another $315 so far in this way.

The newly renamed Beautification Committee benefits us all by improving the appearance of our public areas, giving Parkwood a welcoming and well-maintained look so important to our property values! Can you help? Please contact Jean Wirsching at (301)493-8667.

Kensington Annual Blood Drive

It’s time again for Kensington’s annual Blood Drive: Saturday, March 19 at the Kensington Town Hall. The American Red Cross blood supply is at emergency levels. Your time and donation count! Please call Andrea Gill at (301)949-4030 with your name, phone number and preferred time of donation. Appointments are at 15-minute intervals starting at 9:45 A.M. until 2:45 P.M. If you have any questions about blood donations please contact the American Red Cross for more details at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or www.my-redcross.org.

Buy A Brick at Kensington Parkwood… Time is Running Out!

The Kensington Parkwood Elementary School PTA has been hosting a "Buy A Brick" fundraiser for the new school building. For a donation of $100, you can purchase an engraved brick imprinted with your name and message. The bricks will be incorporated into the new school grounds as a lasting legacy. But time is running out. If you haven’t ordered a brick, please visit the PTA’s website at www.kppta.org/docs/BuyABrick.shtml or contact Mary Cassell at cassellauster@comcast.net or (301)949-5349.

The Parkwood Resident’s Association has purchased a brick, but we’d like to see as many individual residents as possible support this important cause.

Abandoned Vehicles

If you see an unlicensed or undriveable vehicle parked on the street within Parkwood, you can call the County’s Abandoned Vehicles "hotline" and give them the location and description of the problem vehicle. They will check out the vehicle and, if it is either not licensed or not driveable, they will place a notice on it giving the owner two to three days to remove it. If the vehicle is not moved in that timeframe, it is towed to the County’s impound lot. You are not required to give your name or any identifying information in order for the County to take action. The hotline number is (301)840-2454; press 3 to report vehicles in the Bethesda police district.

WSSC Water Mains to be Dug through Kensington

You may have seen notices regarding public hearings held by WSSC earlier this month, including one on March 1 at Kensington Town Hall, to explain the Bi-County Supply Main Alignment Study, which calls for construction of a large water main from Tuckerman Lane near I-270 to an area near I-495 and the Mormon Temple. The project may involve several miles of "cut and cover" trenching, deep tunneling, or a combination of both. Under all alignment scenarios there will be some neighborhood and environmental impact.

While results of the public hearings were not available at press time for this newsletter, we will have an update available at our March 21 PRA meeting. WSSC also is seeking volunteers interested in serving on a Community Advisory Committee. Volunteers should contact John Mitchell of WSSC (301)206-8885 or jMitche@wsscwater.com. For a Gazette article on this project, go to http://gazette.net/200507/kensington/news/260367-1.html.

Have a New Neighbor?

The PRA is looking for ways to reach out to newcomers in the neighborhood. A PRA welcome packet has been developed and Welcome Committee Chair Kathy Byars and PRA Block Captains have been diligently passing our packets out. If you would like to welcome a new neighbor or have Kathy or one of her volunteers drop off a packet, please contact her at 301-530- 9585 or at byarsagent@mris.com.

Neighbors Share Information via the PRA Listserv

Have you joined the PRA listserv? Over 200 of your neighbors have! They’ve been sharing information about local vandalism/petty crimes, requesting/offering referrals for handymen, general contractors and car repair places, area physicians and more. The PRA listserv is the best way to stay connected to your neighbors 24/7. The e-mail group is open to all residents of the Parkwood subdivision. To subscribe, send a blank message to: parkwoodresidents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. You will receive a confirmation message when you are subscribed. Do not write anything in the subject or body of the message. It will not be seen by anyone and you will not get a response. This listserv can save the PRA funds and more importantly make Parkwood a safer place to live! Sign on to the list serve and get your neighbor to as well!


For the Bethesda District updates and alerts, go to www.montgomerycountymd.gov/content/POL/ask/bethesda/crimeupdates.asp. For the Wheaton District go to www.montgomerycountymd.gov/content/POL/ask/wheaton/crimealert.asp. For the entire County, by police district (Bethesda is #2 and Wheaton is #4), go to www.montgomerycountymd.gov/content/POL/ask/districStations.asp.

Treasurer’s Report

Courtesy of Treasurer Chris St. Clair, the following is a summary financial report as of February 23, 2005:

2005 Income YTD
    Members Dues             $500.00
    Beautification donations  315.00
    General donations         230.00
    TOTAL INCOME           $1,045.00

Current Balances In Bank $2,017.47 Cash 61.83 TOTAL BALANCES $2,079.30

Expenses YTD
    December meeting          $59.15
    Newsletter copies, mailing  0.00
    Gardening Committee         0.00
    TOTAL EXPENSES            $59.15

Have You Renewed Your PRA Membership Dues?

Are you enjoying the neighbor-to-neighbor chat on our listserv? Do you like to be kept abreast of issues affecting your neighborhood? Do you appreciate the landscaping efforts? For only $10 a year, you can through the PRA listserv, website and newsletters. You’ll be invited to four PRA meetings with guest speakers. And you’ll be contributing to making Parkwood a better, more neighborly place to live. And please consider an extra donation for the Beautification Committee, which does so much to improve the appearance of Parkwood! Over 200 residents have joined our listserv, but only 50 have paid their 2005 dues to date! Please see the membership form below.

2005 Membership/Renewal Application – Annual Dues per household: $10

Please mail or deliver your 2005 PRA membership renewal dues to: Kitty Stone, 4313 Clearbrook Lane, Kensington, MD 20895. Or bring your renewal to the March meeting. Please make check payable to: Parkwood Residents Association. Please print your information below:


Address:_____________________________________________ City:___________________Zip:_______

Phone Numbers:(daytime)___________________________evening________________________________



____ $10 membership dues

____ $______ donation to Beautification Committee (optional)

Parkwood Resident's Association Officers:

President: Liz Brennan, (301) 530-3615, brennanhouse@verizon.net, Vice President: Maryann Dillon, (301) 493-5140 dillem@erols.com,
Secretary: Brenda Marshall, (301) 530-0053 vze1wg7z@verizon.net, Treasurer: Chris St. Clair, (301) 897-8415, stclairs@speakeasy.net

PRA Website Address: http://www.parkwoodresidents.org, Webmaster: Peter Mansbach, (301) 493-8809, pmansbach@aol.com

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