Winter 2002

Parkwood Resident's Association: News Update

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The next PRA meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 10th at 7:30 pm in the All- Purpose room at KP Elementary School. Please contact me if you have any items that you would like placed on the agenda.

A lot has happened in the Kensington area since we last met in early September. With the sniper activity, the attempted child abduction and the recent car theft, it is important, maybe now more than ever to come together as a neighborhood to share information, get to know one another and to advocate on behalf of our community for services.

President's Report: In September I testified before Park and Planning regarding the proposed modernization of the neighborhood school, Parkwood Elementary. With the unsightly portable classrooms mushrooming around the school property, (with more on the way!) it is imperative that the school is modernized to accommodate the capacity problem as quickly as possible.

I also testified in November before Park and Planning regarding the "mixed-use" development that is proposed for the White Flint Metro site on Rockville Pike. I had several concerns about this project, the first and foremost the traffic impacts to our community as we attempt to navigate Rockville Pike. Another issue I had regarded the removal of recreational and green space. Currently there is a golf driving range and putt-putt facility at this location. I believe we are in dire straits with regard to disappearing green space and lack of recreational facilities down county. I took this opportunity to question the benefit to area residents of this proposed development that would include four office buildings and four apartment buildings all 20 stories in height.

I have made several requests to the developer of the Grosvenor Metro site to provide Parkwood with a presentation on this project. No response yet, but I hope to have information by the Dec. meeting.

The Coalition of Kensington Communities adopted the PRA Dog Leash Resolution with minor modifications. They deliberated on the proposed bioterrorism facility at NIH but chose not to take a position at the November meeting, but will discuss this topic again at the January meeting. The CKC testified in front of County Council against an amendment to the Annual Growth Policy that would facilitate and accelerate the Georgetown Prep. housing project. The group also discussed different approaches to traffic management in Kensington area, the use of radar speed cameras where traffic calming is needed, update on Connecticut Ave. sidewalk issue, and the Inner Purple Line Conn Ave. crossing. CKC representatives met with Park and Planning Chair Derick Berlage regarding the desire to have a recreational type community center after the Housing Opportunities Commission departs the building on Summit Ave.

The next PRA Book Club meeting is January 5th in the evening. The book is Meg Greenfield's Washington. RSVP to Karen Luckyer at 301-530-8311 if you are interested in participating.

The Babysitting Co-op group is meeting on December 11th at 8:00 pm at Valerie Gottron's home: 4624 Saul Rd. All interested neighbors are invited to attend.

Parkwood Residents Association Directory: The PRA Directory Committee, having discussed via e-mail the issues and concerns surrounding a neighborhood directory, has concluded that such a directory would serve a number of useful purposes, including enabling neighbors to identify babysitters and potential playmates for their children; organize community events such as yard sales or block parties; and simply get to know one another. At the September meeting the following was agreed upon by the membership:

We will produce a directory that will include information on every house in the Parkwood neighborhood. The minimum information to be included will be address, names of adults in residence, and home telephone number. Other information that will be included at the request of residents will be e-mail addresses; work telephone numbers; fax numbers: and children's names, ages, grades, and schools attended. The directory will be distributed to every house in the neighborhood. Production of the directory will be paid for through advertising.

Unresolved issues:

Please contact Kitty Stone if you have any questions and/or suggestions, 301-564-9574 or

Join the PRA List Serve: In order to provide a constant source of communication for the Parkwood Community, an E-Mail group was created. The e-mail group is open to all residents of the Parkwood subdivision who have an e-mail address. To subscribe to the e-mail group, send a blank message to: You will receive a confirmation message when you are subscribed. Do not write anything in the subject or body of the message. It will not be seen by anyone and you will not get a response. This communication mode can save the PRA funds if we can get encourage all to participate! Sign on to the list serve and get your neighbor to as well!

2003 Membership Renewal:

Please bring your PRA membership renewal dues to the December 10th meeting! If you are not able to attend the meeting please mail or drop your membership application along with a $10.00 dues payment for 2003 to Chris St. Clair. PRA Treasurer, 4616 Saul Rd., Kensington, MD 20895. Please make check payable to: Parkwood Residents Association. Please print your information below:



Phone Numbers: daytime:______________________ evening:_______________________


Names of household members:__________________________________________________

Parkwood Resident's Association Officers:

President: Liz Brennan, 4324 Dresden Street, (301) 530-3615
Vice President: Jan Rothman
Secretary: Debbie Zwick
Treasurer: Chris St. Clair

PRA Website Address: Webmaster: Peter Mansbach

PRA Directory Form:

The Parkwood Residents Association - a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing issues affecting our neighborhood - will be publishing a directory of and for Parkwood residents in early 2003. This directory will include basic information (adults' names and address - this information is currently publicly available) unless you notify us by January 20, 2003, that you do not wish to be listed. In addition, the directory will include supplemental information for those residents who return this form.

Please complete the information that you would like to be included in the Directory. If you do NOT wish to be listed at all, please complete your street address and check the box at the bottom of the page.

Street Address: _______________________________________________________

Adult Residents: ______________________________________________________

Home Phone: _______________________Work Phone(s): _______________________

E-mail Address(es): ______________________________________________________

Fax Number: ______________________________________________________

   Name    Age Grade School Attended

check here if you do not want to be included I do not wish to be included in the Parkwood Residents Association Directory.
Please return this form at the December 10th PRA meeting or by January 20 to Kitty Stone:
     Address:    4313 Clearbrook Lane      Fax:    301/564-9574