Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

Mar 25, 2014
Kensington Parkwood Elementary School

The meeting of the PRA, held at Kensington-Parkwood Elementary School was called to order by President Bailey Condrey at 7:35 p.m. on March 25, 2014. Sixteen persons were present, not enough for a quorum. (It had snowed most of the day.)

Old Business/Treasurer's Report

The minutes of the October PRA meeting had been read previously by members. The treasurer's report was presented. It included additional funding for beautification as the major work during the coming year will be hired out rather than being done by volunteers. The budget and minutes were approved by the executive board in the absence of a quorum of the membership.

Tree Planting Update

Not all of the 100 trees that were promised have been planted, but recently a number of trees have been planted along Parkwood, Franklin and Wildwood. Any homeowner who requested a tree that has not yet been planted should consult the PRA newsletter and/or website for information regarding what to do. The newsletter and website also contain information for homeowners on the care of their newly planted trees.

Beautification Update

Gail Dalferes , Beautification Committee chair, reported that routine spring maintenance, including mulching and clean-up, will be done soon. The broken support beam in the bench at Wildwood and Saul will be repaired. $5000.00 has been budgeted for beautification in 2014. That amount includes labor costs.

There will be a Rock Creek Clean-up April 5, 9 a.m. 12 noon. All are encouraged to volunteer.

Stump Grinding

Stumps remain for most of the trees that were recently cut by the county. Montgomery County says it will not be paying for stump grinding, citing budget concerns. There was some discussion of committing the PRA to offset homeowners' cost of having their own stumps ground, but the consensus was that this would not be feasible. However, PRA will arrange for a stump-grinding company to remove a stump on a median strip and will share information via the list serve regarding company name, contact information, and costs. A group discount may be possible.

PRA Legislative Position

In the past one or more PRA members has served as liaison to the Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC). The CKC has since disbanded though the position of CKC representative remains in the PRA by-laws. Lara Akimbami and Gail Dalferes have been the PRA Reps to the CKC and will continue in that role with the Montgomery County Civic Federation (MCCF). Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month. Because they cannot always attend the meetings, Randa Mostehy and Jeff Griffith volunteered to serve as alternates.

PRA Vacancies


The PRA is in need of a new president as Bailey Condrey has resigned after 6 years of outstanding service and leadership. All members are asked to consider possible persons to nominate. In the interim members of the executive board will jointly provide leadership for the PRA. Bailey Condrey will remain on the executive board for 2 years as stipulated in the by-laws.

Welcome Committee

The position of Welcoming Committee Chair is also vacant. This committee greets new residents, welcoming them to Parkwood, and sharing information about the community. Randa Mostehy volunteered to take this position.

Montgomery County Issues

County Elections - Meet the Candidates Forums

Members attending the PRA meeting discussed ways in which the community could be kept informed regarding candidates for Montgomery County council and executive positions. The primary election will be held June 24. Inviting candidates to the next PRA meeting was considered though it is doubtful that our average attendance at meetings would be large enough to interest candidates during this busy season. Dates and locations of candidate forums will be posted on the list serve.

Update on Zoning Re-write

The preliminary plan has been approved. Some issues of concern to residents have been resolved, but citizens are advised to continue to pay attention.

Also of interest: the council will vote on April 1 regarding construction in the area of the Ten-Mile-Creek.

Parkwood Residents Association Issues

Members discussed ways to increase membership and participation in PRA. Suggestions included: technology that would enable members to participate and vote from home rather than attending meetings, more social activities such as a neighborhood block party, sending out a questionnaire or "survey monkey" canvassing the interests and ideas of list-serve members, and having a Facebook page.

Bike/Walking Path Proposal

Bailey Condrey reported that the Park Service is considering moving a portion of the Beach Drive bike path (Cedar Lane to Franklin), which is in the flood plain of Rock Creek. Bailey will continue to share information regarding Park Service plans for the bike trail and will inform PRA members via the list serve.

The Park Service is no longer planning to remove the bamboo along Parkwood Drive.

The next meeting of the PRA will be in May. Date to be announced.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Judith Dighe, Secretary

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