Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

Feb 19, 2013
Kensington Parkwood Elementary School

Twenty-three residents attended the meeting

Old Business – the minutes of the October 2012 meeting were approved with minor modification

Membership Drive – An update was provided on the current level of membership as a result of the membership mailing to the community conducted in December.

Welcoming Committee Support – The membership was informed that the current welcoming committee chairperson, Valerie Gottron, needed assistance from other volunteers to stay abreast this neighborhood function. None were forthcoming.

Treasurer’s Report – Bailey Condrey provided the treasurer’s report. The administrative budget for 2013 was approved by the membership in the amount of $6,050.

Beautification Committee Update – Gail Dalferes informed the members of spring activities for the existing gardens; how to create gardens that are easy to maintain so that maintenance costs are somewhat predictable; using volunteer plants from existing gardens to plant in other common areas; and the status of potential projects with county and parks such as the installation of a raingarden at the park entrance at Parkwood Drive and Saul Road. A discussion ensued about placing additional dispensers for dog waste bags in the neighborhood.

Secretary Search – The search for a PRA secretary is ongoing. The position remains vacant.

BRAC Infrastructure Improvements – This agenda item was tabled for future discussion.

Expediting Neighborhood Tree Planting – Bailey Condrey presented an idea for expediting stump removal in Parkwood to facilitate tree planting by the county. This led to the formation of a Tree Committee to examine the issues and implement a strategy. A number of Parkwood residents volunteered to serve on this committee.

2013 Budget Approval – The administrative budget for the PRA for 2013 was approved in the amount of $6,050.

New Business – A number of issues were raised under new business including organizing a community yard sale with Kathy Byars taking the lead; a shredding party on April 20th at the Kensington Town Hall for those in need of document destruction; a Night at the Roxbury block party or a Parkwood Pride Party. Discussions also involved improving the walking paths in Rock Creek Park; whether the PRA membership gift should be a refrigerator magnet or a reusable shopping bag designed by PRA children; and recruiting new members by speaking with neighbors about issues raised at PRA meetings.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:40 p.m.

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