Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2012
7:30 p.m. Kensington Parkwood Elementary

Mr. Bailey Condrey , President conducted the meeting.

Kensington Parkwood Elementary

Meeting started at 7:45 pm because of some small technical issues.

18 people were in attendance. There was not an election and issues over $500.00 could not be voted on because there was not a quorum.

Bailey Condrey reported that Mr. Kyle Liang met with members of surrounding communities, on site, to discuss traffic calming measures along Summit Avenue and Cedar Lane and get feedback. This initiative has been pushed by a number of communities and commuting bicyclists groups. Individuals from Chevy Chase View, Kensington Estates and Parkwood provided feedback on the positioning of traffic islands, crosswalks and narrowing of the roadway at the five selected intersections.

The curve at the intersection of Summit and Cedar will have a repositioned center island and 2 crosswalks. The line of sight for the curve will be extended. These efforts are focused on improving pedestrian safety for those walking to and from the pool.

Franklin will have curb islands built out to create bike lanes at the curb on both sides of the street. The bike lanes will be 5.5 feet wide. A crosswalk will also be painted at the intersection.

Glenridge and Dresden will have curb islands built out to create bike lanes at the curb on both sides of the street. The bike lanes will be 5.5 feet wide.

Delmont will have a center island painted in the road with no curb islands. Solid white lines denoting the vehicle travel lane will be painted on both sides of the street from Delmont to just east of Prospect on Summit.

According to county traffic studies, speed cameras allow too much leeway as you only receive a ticket at 13 miles over posted speed limit. A driver would have to be travelling at 43 miles-per-hour in the 30-mph posted zone to receive a ticket. The county’s efforts are focused on reducing speeds. All of the ideas for these modifications can be viewed at

Lighting update
Bailey and Lara Akinbami met with Tommy Shoemaker from the county to get feedback and sign-off on placement of new streetlights based on requests from residents. Parkwood has requested 12 additional street lamps where residents feel it is too dark and where students may be waiting for school busses in the dark, early in the morning. The final outcome will be based upon approval by PEPCO.

Budget Discussion - Mr. Gerald Sharp

Budget reviewed, please see website. Due to lack of a quorum, the meeting could not vote to approve. For items under $500, the Executive Committee can approve without this vote.

PRA is very grateful for the generous donations by residents.

Beautification Committee - Ms. Gail Dalferes Condrey

The beautification committee has completed mulching on all 4 entrances and the gardens

100 bags of mulch were bought, 80 were used and remainder purchased by residents at cost.

WJ football team spread mulch

Bella Landscaping generously donated labor to help PRA.

More than 15 kind folks donated more than $25.00 or more for neighborhood beautification.

Discussion regarding permanent signs for notifying residents of the upcoming PRA meetings. The 2 types of signs are ones that are static and do not change and state, “meeting next Tuesday” or signs that have magnets to adjust the date and time.

Kira and Gail are working on a rain garden at Parkwood and Saul. This is where you plant drought and water tolerant plants to increase absorption and retention of water.

Kensington Sector Plan Update

Committee to save Kensington is comprised of residents from Parkwood, Kensington and surrounding communities.

Its focus lies on engaging communities surrounding the town of Kensington. The county will focus on the town. Upcoming meetings will occur on Tuesday, April 24 and Tuesday, May 8th. The May 8th meeting will be held in the all purpose room at Holy Redeemer Church.

Gail shared with the PRA free locks available from the police for sheds, fences, guns, etc.

There was a discussion about letting neighbors know how to use the archives on the list serve. Referrals, recommendations, opinions and the like are posted and archived. Many of us just post questions, and the answers are already in the archive. A link also exists to the list serve archives near the top of the Docs page on the web site.

PRA Election of Officers

Not having a quorum of PRA members present to elect new officers, the Executive Committee members in attendance (enough for an Executive Committee quorum) moved and voted unanimously to install Valerie Gottron, interim Welcoming Committee Chair and Lara Akinbami, interim Vice President, until such time as there is a quorum, and Executive Committee elections can be held. This is in accordance with the procedures specified in the bylaws.

The PRA still needs a secretary.

New Business

Karen Hansel discussed the upcoming dates for the KPE Feasibility Study. She sent an e-mail with them earlier in the month. The dates should be posted on the Parkwood web site. She noted that all of the meetings are equally important and those willing to engage the process should attend each meeting. Progress made during successive meetings will not be rolled back to accommodate individuals coming to the process late.

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