Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2012
7:30 p.m. Kensington Parkwood Elementary Media Room

[webmaster note: these are "draft minutes", until they are formally accepted at the next PRA meeting]

* Officers and directors in attendance are denoted by an asterisk
* Bailey Condrey, President,
* Matt Murton, Vice President,
* Susan St. George, Secretary,
Gerald Sharp, Treasurer,
Standing Committee Chairs:
* Gail Dalferes Condrey, Chair, Beautification,
* Pippa Eibel, Chair, Membership,
Kathy Byars, Welcoming,
Janie Worch, Welcoming,
* Kira Lueders, Chair, Block Captains,
* Peter Mansbach, webmaster,
* Liz Brennan, Representative to the CKC,
* Chris Dewey, Listserv Administrator,
Denise Gill, Montgomery County Police
Kyle Liang, MC Dept. Of Transportation
Kathy Card, Susan Robertson, Topsey Szkutnik, Al Szkutnik, Joel Kavet, Kira Lueders, Marli Martin, Jose Alves, Florence Winnik, Emily and Kevin Livelli, Martha Robert, Dorothy Crankshaw, Judith Dighe, Shrikant Dighe, Anne Dix, Danny Morse, Loretta and Jerome Saltzman, John Grovandli, Stacey Fitzmanrile, Bill Spargo, Emily Saura-Miller, Ryan Miller, Tom Robertson, Janet de Jesus, Lara Akinbami, Claire Murphey, Carol Gordon, Christine Foster, Valerie Gottron, Martha Lawrenz, Paula Flicker, Bonnie Douglas, Anne Stratten, Carl Schneider, Karen Hansel, George Nemcosky, Ana Kennedy, Christie Wagner
Fred Cherney, Steve Jefferys, Elaine Thomas

1. Call to Order-The meeting was called to order by Bailey Condrey, President, at 7:36 p.m.
2. Guest Speaker from the Montgomery County Police Dept. - Denise Gill- Safety Discussion – Bethesda Second District - Ms. Gill is making an attempt to keep the community informed.

  1. The way we keep our houses sends a perception to repel crime. Neighborhoods with well kept yards and maintained homes help convey the message of an involved community.
  2. How to repel crime:
    1. Maintain communication-know your neighbors.
    2. Get to know what is normal in the neighborhood so that when something abnormal happens it calls attention to itself.
    3. Do not buy from door to door vendors.
    4. Lock car doors and do not leave anything in the vehicle. Up to 50 – 60 cars could be hit per night if a neighborhood is victimized.
    5. Women are advised not to carry all valuables in their purse.
  3. Things to make homes secure:
    1. Establish good lighting.
    2. Maintain locks on doors and windows.
    3. Take a loop around the block when coming home to check for anything unusual. This could help us deter crime. Especially if you are coming home late.
    4. If cameras are used by homeowners they need to be able to take good quality images for them to be of use.
    5. Cut back shrubs and limbs to increase visibility.
    6. Denise Gill would be glad to come to your home to inspect doors and windows.
3. Guest Speaker – Kyle Liang, MC Dept. Of Transportation Engineering-Five intersections would have changes, according to the traffic calming proposals: Cedar & Delmont, Cedar & Glenridge, Cedar & Franklin, Cedar & Dresden and Cedar & Summit. Images of the proposed changes can be viewed at
4. Old Business-A motion was made to approve the minutes from the last two meetings. The motion was passed.
5. PayPal Discussion-Payments may be made using PayPal on our web site. The fee is 33 cents for the first $10 and 2 percent for all amounts over that.
6. Bylaws Amendments-Five Amendments had motions made for bylaws changes and were passed. These are as follows:
  1. At the end of Article V, Section 14 ("Treasurer"), add the sentence:
    The Treasurer shall file all reports required by the IRS and the State of Maryland to maintain the status of the Association as a nonprofit corporation.
    (The need for this addition was pointed out by attendees at the last meeting.)
  2. Article III, Section 3: Append the following sentence to define references to ‘Parkwood’ made throughout the Bylaws:
    Hereinafter references to ‘Parkwood’ refer to the subdivision defined by these boundaries.
  3. Article IV, Section 8: Modify the third sentence to remove the version of Robert’s Rules of Order:
    However, if there are disagreements, or if requested by a member, any disagreements are to be settled in accordance with the most current version of Robert’s Rules of Order, which is currently the Newly Revised, 10th edition, except where otherwise specified in the Bylaws.
  4. Article V, Section 13: Clarify reference to ‘webmaster’, previously not defined in the Bylaws when it is used in the fifth sentence:
    The Secretary shall send copies of the minutes of all meetings to the Executive Committee, and in particular to the webmaster (as defined in Article VI, section 1), as soon as practicable but no later than one month after each meeting.
  5. Appendix A, step 4, second sentence: Remove comma following the word ‘motion’:
    This is another motion that takes place within the main motion’s discussion period.
7. Kensington Sector Plan Update- Gail Dalferes provided a status and timeline for the Montgomery County Council review and approval process for the June 2011 draft Sector Plan. The handouts are posted on under the heading PHED Meeting on Kensington Sector Plan. [webmaster's note: this was true at the time of the meeting. It will not remain true forever]
8. Kensington Sector Plan Update-The letter has information that is useful for this process. Gail Dalferes has written up a timeline for this process. This information will be kept current on [webmaster's note: the information witll be updated when the webmaster receives new content to post]
9. Community Lighting Upgrades-Recent Developments-There are 69 poles with no lighting. LED lighting is on hold. Induction lighting can be found in Garrett Park which is more expensive. Pepco is the owner of the lights and Montgomery County is the customer. We are balancing the waiting game of induction lighting and attempting to improve selected areas for immediate high pressure sodium lighting. Bus stops for schools are a priority. A motion was made by Judith Dighe to pinpoint where the most need is for existing poles to be replaced by high pressure sodium lighting. The motion was passed.
10. Treasurer's Report-The treasurer's report was presented. It can be seen on the web site. A budget will be drafted by the next meeting.
11. Beautification Report-Gail Dalferes is accepting new members for her committee. A motion was made to approve up to $300 for the purchase of three new signs to be used to advertise the PRA meeting times. They would hang under our existing signs.The motion passed. Gail would like to put a report of donations for a memorial purpose on the web site.
12. Facebook/Twitter Discussion-Discussion postponed until the next meeting.
13. New Business-Liz Brennan made a presentation about the CKC. Her documentation is found below.
14. The meeting Adjourned at 9:37 p.m.

Coalition of Kensington Communities Update:

The Coalition of Kensington Communities is a unified body of Kensington-area civic associations with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in the Kensington area. Toward this end, the CKC works with local governments to address issues of development, design, recreation, transportation, pedestrian accessibility, and economic growth affecting the greater Kensington. Currently, the CKC membership includes 9 civic associations, representing 5,354 single-family households.

1. As a result of the recent census election districts for Montgomery County have been modified. For the County Council Parkwood is now part of District 1 and represented by Roger Berliner. The greater Kensington community is now presented by 3 districts (we were just one before – District 5), in addition to Parkwood being moved to District 1, Kensington Estates, the Town of Kensington and Rock Creek Hills are all now District 1. KenGar, Kensington Heights and Kensington View are part of District 4 (Nancy Navarro) and 5 (Valerie Ervin). CKC will be meeting with these representatives and the at-Large reps (Floreen, Leventhal, Reimer and Elrich) in 2012 with a goal of keeping them in touch with the issues that matter to us most. No changes to our State Representatives. Not sure of the status of Board of Education representation.
2. BCC Middle School #2 – last Fall the CKC wrote to the Planning Board and the Board of Education in opposition of using the Rock Creek Hills park for a new middle school. Major considerations were the size of the lot is too small - according to MCPS the standard of 20 acres is required for a middle school. The Rock Creek Hills site is 13.38 acres. Additional the selection process was flawed and notification to residents process not followed. The Board of Education voted in December to open up the site selection process again. Funding will be placed in the CIP for construction. The site announcement is expected in March 2012.
3. Costco Gas Station – CKC opposes this gas station b/c:
*The newly approved Wheaton Sector Plan prohibits this proposed use – zoning does not allow this
*Potential environmental hazards inherent in this proposed gas station/ 18 pumps adjacent to a community swimming pool
*Gas station site is 4/10ths of a mile from the Wheaton Metro platform
*No additional gas stations are needed in the Wheaton-Kensington area
Sector Plan Update – important for residents to pay attention to these as sector plans include recommendations that impact traffic, environment, public amenities such as schools, community centers, libraries, police stations and zoning (balance of commercial/residential and industrial).
4. Wheaton Sector Plan was approved by the county council in November. Residents are encouraged to read the details at:
5. We are monitoring the plans for the Chevy Chase sector plan. The developer proposal was rejected – they want too much density. Planning Board instructed the developer to work with the community on a resolution. A new proposal is expected in February. See details:
6. Kensington Sector plan: this plan has been in committee (county council public housing and economic committee) since October. CKC testified regarding the sections of the plan that were remanded back to the Planning Board by the Council for further review. CKC testimony is attached. Details on the sector plan can be found at:
Additionally I would urge any Parkwood residents that have questions about the plan to contact Fred Boyd at the Planning Board – he has been working on this for the past 5 years and is extremely knowledgeable about the current status as well as the process. You may contact Fred at:

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