Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2011
7 p.m. Kensington Parkwood Elementary Media Room

* Bailey Condrey, President,
* Matt Murton, Vice President,
* Susan St. George, Secretary,
* Gerald Sharp, Treasurer,
Standing Committee Chairs:
* Gail Dalferes Condrey, Chair, Beautification,
Kitty Stone, Chair, Membership,
Kathy Byars, Welcoming,
Janie Worch, Welcoming,
* Kira Lueders, Chair, Block Captains,
* Peter Mansbach, webmaster,
Liz Brennan, Representative to the CKC,
* Chris Dewey, Listserv Administrator,
* Officers and directors in attendance are denoted by an asterisk

Members: Janet de Jesus, Andrew Ventura, Clare Murphy, Kelly Ventura, Carol Gordon, Steve Jefferys, Matt Murion, Dorothy Crankshaw, Martha Robert, Lara Akinbami, Marianne Jacobs, Marie (Pippa) Eibel, Florence Winnek, Sandy Cepaitis, Tapig Lidutnik, Randa Mostehy-Davis, Bill Spargo, Bill Karistenis, Bonnie Douglas, Paula Flicker, Peggy Regnier, Christie Wagner
Nonmembers: Steve Jefferys, Joel Kavet, Marli Martin, Margaret Werfel, Julian Werfel
Guest: Lauren Harris, Solar City

1. Call to Order-The meeting was called to order by Bailey Condrey, President at 7:33 p.m.
2. Old Business-A motion was made to approve minutes from the May 3, 2011 meeting. The minutes were not available prior to the meeting so they will be discussed at the next meeting.
3. Guest Speaker-Lauren Harris, Solar City-A 4 kilowatt system with a $100 Pepco bill per month can provide a 30% of usage savings with a lease payment $20-25 per month. This is for a zero dollar down 20 year plan. The web site is They can also be reached at (888) 765-2489. It is not a source of backup power. They have been in business since 2006 with local operations in Jessup and Silver Spring, Maryland.
4. Montgomery County Crime Figures-Bailey Condrey defined Neighborhood Watch as-"When All The Citizens Help". Criminal activity figures are as follows: 2010-6 stolen vehicles, 2011-1 stolen vehicle, 2010-11 burglaries, 2011 5 burglaries, 2010 76% not forced entry of vehicles, 2011 87% not forced entry of vehicles. The numbers for 2011 do not include the entire year. If we get in the habit of locking our cars everyday we will see less criminal activity. It was suggested that neighbors leave their front lights on at night or purchase lights with motion sensors.
5. Bylaws Discussion-bylaws were revised by Peter Mansbach. The old bylaws were not being followed so they were updated to match our current activities. We now have an executive committee instead of a board of directors. The Newsletter found on has a more thorough description of the changes. Gail summarized a suggested clarification to the Bylaw Committee Section as currently written regarding the qualifications and duties of the members of each committee and the need to specifically state that each is a PRA member as well as which committees have a Committee lead and to state their responsibilities. Gail agreed to propose an amendment to the bylaws for consideration in the next PRA meeting if the current Bylaws were approved by the community. A motion was made to approve the bylaws 20 for and 2 against. It was pointed out that the bylaws do not explicitly require the filing of forms required of nonprofit corporations. This task is currently done by the treasurer. Peter indicated he would propose an amendment to the bylaws to address this oversight.
6. Kensington Sector Plan Update- Gail Dalferes provided a one page summary for the attendees stressing the importance over the remaining three months of hearings of continued community communication with the government bodies responsible for finalizing the Kensington Sector Plan and CR Zones. Handout recap is included at the end of the meeting minutes including how to reach out in writing or in person. Discussion ensued. It was noted that county redistricting will occur due to the latest census. Kensington voting blocks (those represented by the Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC)) are being broken up. Specifically mentioned was the possibility of a resulting change in the representative for District 5 for Parkwood from Councilmember Ervin to Councilmember Berliner.
7. Membership Secretary Discussion-Kitty Stone would like to pass the responsibility of the membership secretary to another person. The duties were reviewed and Marie (Pippa) Eibel volunteered to do it. Discussion ensued. A motion was made to elect her as the new membership secretary and was passed unanimously.
8. Cedar Lane Traffic Calming-photos of various intersections were passed around to the meeting attendees. Delmont, Dresden, Franklin, Glenridge and in front of Cedarbrook Pool are areas where traffic needs to be slowed. Cross walks will be added at every other site with bulging curbs that allow bicycle traffic to pass through. Kyle Lange is the traffic engineer assigned to this part of Montgomery County. He has proposed these traffic calming measures. He will be asked to come to our next meeting to discuss his proposal.
9. Treasurer's Report-the report was presented. The treasurer's report is included in the newsletter and on the neighborhood web site . A motion was passed to purchase neighborhood meeting signs. It was passed unanimously.
10. PRA Beautification Committee (PRA BC) Report-

11. Area Developments-the trees removed from Parkwood Terrace due to the sewer maintenance are supposed to be replaced this year by WSSC.
12. New Business-A motion was made for Andrew Ventura to research social media including Facebook and Twitter as options for Parkwood community dialog. He will coordinate with Peter Mansbach and Chris Dewey to make a recommendation back to the PRA. Discussion ensued of positive and negative aspects of Facebook and other social media. The motion carried.
13. Bicycle issues were raised about cyclists on Beach Drive riding together more than one abreast.
14. Adjourn-The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Kensington Sector Plan Update recap of hand-out provided during the meeting (as noted in item 6 above):
Kensington Sector Plan Information session hosted by local community member

Kensington Sector Plan Public Hearing in front of Montgomery County Council
General Timeline for Kensington Sector Plan (KSP):
County figures posted on the MNCPPC web site ( in the appendices of the KSP and on the County Council website PHED Committee archives:
More information: and

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