Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2011
7:30 p.m. Kensington Parkwood Elementary Multi-Use Room

* Bailey Condrey, President,
* Matt Murton, Vice President,
* Susan St. George, Secretary,
* Gerald Sharp, Treasurer,
* Gail Dalferes Condrey, Chair, Beautification,
   Kitty Stone, Chair, Membership,
* Kira Lueders, Chair, Block Captains,
* Peter Mansbach, webmaster,
Members: Approximately 8 other PRA Members
Guest: none
* Officers and directors in attendance

1. Call to Order-The meeting was called to order by Bailey Condrey, President at 7:37 p.m.

2. Old Business-A motion was made to approve minutes from the Feb. 2, 2011 meeting and the motion was passed.

3. Beautification Report- The beautification committee met on March 26 to identify 2011 projects and goals. In that meeting the beautification committee approved purchasing garden plaques for four community maintained areas as well as labels for the Dogipots to note PRA maintains each box and steps to request refills. The plaques and labels have arrived and were displayed during the PRA meeting. Gail Dalferes reported the completion of a number of projects including:

Upcoming activity and dates to keep in mind:

The following ideas are being researched further to determine if each will proceed:

4. 4. CKC, Coalition of Kensington Communities, an update was given by Liz Brennan. Hans Riemer, an at large candidate, attempted to change a four million dollar spending decision that the council had made in 2010. The funds were designated to the Costco in Wheaton. He was unsuccessful.

Kensington Heights neighborhood working with Westfield about Costco. They are fighting the issue of the Costco gas station. As mentioned above the Department Of Development for Montgomery County gave Westfield $4 million for Costco.

CKC and the Town of Kensington are jointly hosting a Town Hall meeting for residents on May 18, 2011 to meet with members of the District 18 Delegation, Delegate Al Carr and State Senator Rich Madaleno. An update and question/answer period about the recent legislative session will occur. The meeting will take place at the Kensington Town Hall on Armory Avenue and Mitchell Street.

5. BRAC Update-$300 million in Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) money will be shared among Ft. Belvoir, VA, San Antonio, TX, and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda for BRAC-related transportation infrastructure improvements. Have sent emails to Ike Legget and Maryland delegation to argue the logic of settling for 1/3 of the funds since we have much more congestion than the Ft. Belvoir area.

6. Taxes and Fees Update-WSSC rate increase request info. There will be an 8.9% increase. Two million residents will be affected. The increase is estimated at $5.30 per month per household. This is in Ike's budget. The increase in property tax was discussed. Carol Placek had testified that many of the newly renovated homes in the area are not receiving updated assessments based upon updated appraised values. She noted that this needs to be fixed before more modest homes in the area are asked to pay more.

7. Treasurer's Report-See the Proposed 2011 Budget. Funds for the new entrance signs were approved and budgeted in 2010, but the bill was paid in 2011. This cost was allocated to 2010, putting the PRA in the red slightly for this year (-$291.89). The draft budget for 2011 was sent out on the listserv, and the final approved budget will also be distributed on listserv and posted on the PRA website.

8. Vote to adopt 2011 budget-motion to approve with the exception to the new bench 10 in favor, 3 against. Motion was carried. Second motion to approve the proposed bench at Kensington Parkwood Elementary with the PRA paying half, contingent on the PTA paying the second half of the cost: 13 in favor, 2 against. Motion was carried. This second motion allows the negotiators, who are in communication with the PTA, to state that the PRA has approved paying half of the cost if they want to pay the other half.

9. Area Developments-Kensington Sector Plan meeting took place on April 28 with Park & Planning. Park & Planning invited public testimony. Public supports it but not the scale. People want to see new business and life in Kensington. A large number of residents, however, want to see the density reduced. A lenghty discussion ensued.

10. New Business-Updating the PRA's 24-year-old Bylaws-214 members and only 18 at meeting. There normally is no quorum per our current bylaws. This is one reason to change the bylaws. Financially, we have reported on the calendar year since at least 2000, but the bylaws call for fiscal year reporting. We discussed options to deal with these discrepancies. One would be to ignore the current bylaws, disband the bylaws or review other area bylaws and create bylaws which represent our current activity. Another current bylaw states that the PRA member must live in Parkwood. Motion was made and passed to keep Matt Murton as Vice President until the next election since he will be moving out of Kensington soon and to Chevy Chase. He will continue to be a home owner in Parkwood.

A committee was formed to work with the board to draft new bylaws. Peter Mansbach offered to write a draft, and was tasked with doing so. Lara Akinbami volunteered to get and summarize bylaws of neighboring associations, and Margaret Douglas volunteered to serve on the committee.

Liz Brennan found out that you can call the Montgomery County Police to step up extra surveillance while you are away.

11. Adjourn-The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 p.m.

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