Parkwood Residents' Association
Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2011
7 p.m. Kensington Parkwood Elementary Multi-Use Room

       Officers:    Bailey Condrey, President
Matt Murton, Vice President
Maryann Dillon, Secretary
Gerald Sharp, Treasurer
Directors: Gail Dalferes Condrey, Chair, Beautification
Kitty Stone, Chair, Membership
Kira Lueders, Chair, Block Captains
Peter Mansbach, webmaster
Members: Approximately 12 other PRA Members
Guest: Peter Fosselman, Mayor of the town of Kensington

1. Call to Order:
The meeting had "a soft start" and called to order by President Bailey Condrey at 7:15 p.m.

2. Old Business:
A motion was made to approve the minutes of the 9/28/2010 meeting. An amendment to item 7. Beautification: was proposed as follows: "Kira Lueders stated that PRA would need County permission to install a bench along the Wildwood island." is now changed to "Kira Lueders stated that PRA had County permission to install a bench along the Wildwood island.". The minutes where then approved.

3. Cedar Lane Bridge Closing:
It is expected that Cedar Lane will close at Beach Drive on June 17, 2010 or the first day following school closing and reopen on Aug. 28th or the day before school reopens in order to rebuild the bridge over Rock Creek.

Previous meetings discussed the issue of total and partial closing. The county determined that a total closing was less expensive and would require less time to complete. There will be a pedestrian passing during that time. Alternate routes will be Beach Drive heading west to Grosvenor Lane or Beach Drive heading east to Connecticut Avenue to go South or North bound. The 34/35 bus will be rerouted. The new route of the 34/35 bus will follow Beach Drive to Connecticut Avenue. After the construction there will be 3 lanes with a widened sidewalk. This closure is taking place two months prior to the Bethesda Naval expansion.

4.BRAC Update Letter writing campaign:
Bailey Condrey briefed the members on the current state of infrastructure funding for BRAC (Defense Base Closure and Realignment) related projects pertaining to the expansion of Bethesda Naval in September 2011. Parkwood has been a voting member of the Coalition of Military Medical Center Neighbors for the last 24 months. The coalition has been fully engaged in the political process to secure the necessary funding to relieve the gridlock that will worsen when Bethesda Naval staff and patient levels swell this fall.

The roadway improvements around the base and subway station upgrades at the Medical Center metro stop will require nearly $400 million if they are to be done correctly. So far, funding remains at a paltry $44 million, with $20 million of this amount allocated to improve pedestrian access to the base from the Medical Center Metro.

An amendment was proposed to have Bailey write a letter on behalf of the PRA, rather than circulating it for member signatures, and send it to President Obama and others. The amendment passed.

It was noted that Cedar Lane should remain a two-lane roadway east of the Beltway. The WTOP radio station and The Gazette have reported on this issue in the past.

5. Parkwood Traffic Calming Measures:
Montgomery County is renegotiating their contract with mobile camera providers. We are 101 on the list of being reconsidered for another traffic survey. Other measures to calm traffic include: placing additional stop signs along Saul Road and Parkwood Drive, adding rumble strips and speed bumps. One option would be to have blaze orange flags at busy crossing points such as Oldfield Drive and Saul Road. The use of these flags have been effective in parts of DC particularly in front of Magruders on Connecticut Avenue. A motion was made to go ahead with the plan to use flags at Oldfield Drive and Saul Road. The motion was adopted. The flags will be purchased with PRA funds.

6. PRA List Serv Access:
A motion was made to allow Parkwood Residents and others out of Parkwood to join the list serv if they have official business with Parkwood which is beneficial to the residents. This would be effective immediately and would not terminate any current memberships. The motion passed 8 to 6. If someone has an issue with the list serv they should contact Chris Dewey or Bailey Condrey.

7. Treasury Report:
The report dated Jan. 18, 2011 was presented by Gerald B. Sharp, PRA Treasurer. The total income for 2010 was $5,031.73. The total expenses for 2010 were $1,978.06. The complete report can be found

8. Beautification Report
Two new signs will be placed in the month of February at Franklin Street and Beach Drive and another at Cedar Lane and Parkwood Drive. The cost of the signs were approximately $2,600. Four doggie pot dispensers were installed at Parkwood Drive and Saul Road, the backstop behind Parkwood Elementary School near the playground equipment , Wildwood Road and Dresden Street, and at the easement of the 4700 block of Edgefield Road. Maryland Dept. Of Parks & Planning has agreed to plant trees at the entrance of the park located at Saul Road & Parkwood Drive where there has been a drainage issue. If you see a blocked drain dial 311 to report it if you are not able to clear it yourself. A bench at Wildwood and Saul Roads has been approved for placement by Montgomery County. If you would like to be involved in choosing the bench you should JOIN THE BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE!

9. Town of Kensington Revitalization Parkwood engagement:
This has been a three year process and the plan has been reviewed and discussed. There are links provided on WWW.PARKWOODRESIDENTS.ORG about the revitalization plans. Yesterday, Tuesday, February 1, 2011, the County Council met and denied the Commercial Residential zone designation part of the revitalization plan. All other parts of the plan were accepted. Check WWW.TOK.MD.GOV to find more information about the plan.

10. Upcoming Community Events
There were no events discussed.

11. New Business
MaryAnn Dillon's responsibilities as secretary have now been assumed by Susan St. George. Her appointment as secretary was moved, seconded and affirmed unanimously by the members. Susan will serve the remainder of Maryann's term, which expires in March, 2012.

12. Adjourn.
The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Susan St. George

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