Minutes of the Parkwood Residents Association Meeting March 21, 2006

President Liz Brennan called the meeting to order at 7:30 at the Kensington-Parkwood Library. The minutes from the previous meeing were approved.

Eagle Scout Ryan Martin and his colleagues presented a talk on Emergency Preparedness. The Scouts had distributed information to attendees as they entered. The types of emergenciy situations discussed included weather disasters such as floods, storms or tornadoes, and serious accidents such as home fires, and possible acts of terrorism such as chemical spills. Information regarding plans that families should have such as emergency contacts was presented. The elements of a disaster kit were demonstrated. This presentation was being followed by a presentation on April 8th.

Liz Brennan informed the meeting attendees that the "Renew Montgomery" letter has been sent out and will be posted on the PRA website. The letter included requests for traffic calming and tree removal.

Treasurer's Report: Chris St. Clair presented the budget information, also provided in print form, with updates on current amounts available. The suggested budget for 2006 was approved.

School Report: The new school building opened on time. The PTA continues to work with the school regarding remaining issues such as drainage in the fields, playground equipment, dismissal issues and plants.

Candidates for officers of the PRA were presented and elected. The new officers are
President: Kira Lueders
Vice President: Mary Ann Dillon
Treasurer: Paula Flicker
Secretary: Brenda Marshall

Beltway: Since no one from Citizenšs Against Beltway Expansion (CABE) was present at the meeting as had been planned, Peter Gavin reported on the CABE meeting that he attended. He reported that the latest idea being considered for the Beltway is to make a portion of the roadway a toll road. He noted that this plan would still involve adding lanes. The issue is whether or not expansion will do any good, especially in view of the congestion on access roads. CABEšs view is to concentrate on alternative plans. It should be noted that the Purple Line continues to be a long-term idea. Peter also noted that CABE has re-formed due to the upcoming elections.

Discussion of the Beltway and possible impact of changes to the Beltway ensued. Mary Ann Dillon noted that the section of the Beltway near Kensington is the most congested portion of the Beltway. It was pointed out that additional lanes are likely to be on the Parkwood side of the Beltway because there is no room to expand on the other side. There was some discussion of whether or not expanding the Beltway would decrease congestion.

Despite the absence of a representative from CABE or from the state, a motion was made by Bill Zwack that PRA be opposed to widening the beltway. His motion was seconded. The vode was 29 for the measure and 5 opposed. The motion passed.

An additional motion to send a representative to CABE and to have the PRA executive committee decide whether or not PRA would join CABE was made and seconded. The motion passed.

An additional motion to oppose a fly-over ramp was also made, but tabled.

-prepared by Paula Flicker

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