Parkwood Residents Association
Minutes - June 12, 2002

Approval of Minutes
March minutes were distributed and approved.

Treasurers Report
Chris St.Clair reported the following:

Currently PRA has 180 members.
She has collected $900.00 in dues.
$630.00 has been spent for communication (newsletter, notices, etc.).
Currently there is $1008.98 in the PRA bank account.

Old Business
Liz Brennan reported that PRA sent a letter to the County Council in support of Blair Ewing's bill to redirect funds in order to restore the original school modernization schedule. The bill, however, did not get the support needed to pass.

Membership voted to raise the PRA dues from $5 to $10 annually per family. Discussion included request for a budget for membership review.

It was announced that the listserve and website are up and running. The website can be accessed at

Committee Reports

Block Captain: Kathy Byars reported that 25 people have volunteered to be block captains. We still need representatives from Cedar, Parkwood, Wildwood, Ashwood, Greenfield, Franklin, Everett, Thornwood and Conifer. Block captains will be asked to distribute information and let the Hospitality Committee know when a new neighbor moves in.

Gardening Club: Jean Wirching and Claire Murphy reported that the Club had its first meeting tonight. Immediate goal is to clean up the island at Saul and Cedar. An estimate of $262.00 to weed, edge and mulch has been secured. Membership voted to allow spending of $262.00 for clean up.

Claire Murphy has contacted the county regarding mowing of the islands in Parkwood. She asked that the county contractor be asked to meet their obligations. She is going to write again and ask that the county commit to mowing at least 8 times per year.

Future goals include contracting for monthly maintenance, establishing a volunteer calendar, adding more perennials, budgeting for seasonal annuals, replacing the sign, and adding a sign at Beach Drive. Membership suggestions included immediate attention to the sign and replacing grass with another type of groudcover.

Sound Barrier: Liz Brennan read a report from Rich Warren. Catherine Wyngate of 9800 Parkwood Drive has previously corresponded with the county regarding barriers. It was suggested that she get together with the committee. It was suggested that we purchase a meter. The point was made that the issue is really a political one and that is how we should proceed.

Welcoming Committee: Liz Brennan read a report from Karen Schuler. The committee is working on ways to encourage participation by others than block captains. Some ideas are a semi-annual coffee and a PRA brochure. They are creating community packets for new residents. Membership voted to give the committee $100.00 for supplies.

Topic for Discussion - Traffic
Tom St.Clair reported that he is looking for a co-chair. The Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC) holds traffic and transportation meetings. During May and June they established their guiding principles. Frequently raised issues include: Congestion at intersection of Summit and Knowles and Knowles and Connecticut; high speed on Connecticut south of Knowles; extending MARC rail beyond Union Station; weekend MARC service; U-turns on 355 (Tom asked to be on task force of neighbors addressing issue); Beltway on-ramp at Connecticut Avenue; establishment of Purple line in or outside of beltway connecting Silver Spring to Bethesda and /or PG county to NVA.

Tom asked for discussion from residents regarding traffic concerns. Concerns raised included : areas of Parkwood Drive that have no sidewalks or speed bumps (needs to be agreed to and pursued block by block); fast traffic on Saul Road; and a footbridge connecting Beach Drive with Grosvenor Metro (CKC is already working on that - Barbara Wilson representing). Finally, it was noted that measures to slow traffic on Connecticut Avenue south of Knowles might add to congestion problems.

Speakers - Neighbors for a Better Montgomery: Dan Tuten and Randy Alton
Neighbors for a Better Montgomery is an independent, non partisan organization seeking to protect and enhance the quality of life in Montgomery County by being the leading voice for political action. Their mission is to ensure that citizens, not developers or other special interests, control the future of Montgomery County. They can be contacted at or P.O. Box 1847, Rockville, MD 20849. Liz Brennan is going to sign on as a regional chair on Neighbors for a Better Montgomery.

KP Elementary School Modernization
The Planning Board was to meet June 13th to review MCPS plans. A motion was put forth to have PRA send a letter of support for the KP modernization. Concerns were raised by the membership regarding the new KP design, the design process, and future bussing into Parkwood. After discussion, the motion was passed 24 to 15. Liz Brennan will send letter that will reflect community concerns.

Next Meetings - Kensington Parkwood Elementary School:
Tuesday, September 17th
Tuesday, December 10th