MINUTES -- December 5, 2005

Maryann Dillon, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.

Kitty Stone moved to approve the minutes from the 9/19/05 meeting; Peter Galvin seconded. The phone number for Zenayda Mostofi was corrected to: 202-872-3590. Minutes were approved with the amended phone number.

Chris St. Clair provided the treasurerís report. The operating account had a balance of $2,538. Member dues and donations accounted for $3,680 in revenues, including many gifts for the gardening committee activities. The association may also incur an additional $375 expense for a newsletter.

The association had 200 members in 2005 out of a possible 950 households. 10% of members are already on board for 2006. The listserv is a popular vehicle for the association, and the association continues to expand.

Bill Zwack introduced Frank Hartz and John Mitchell (cell: 401-707-8108) from WSSC. They presented information on WSSCís project to connect an 84" diameter pipe from the Tuckerman Lane/I-270 area to the Mormon Temple, using the "T1" alignment. The project is designed to prevent Montgomery County residents from seeing a decrease in water pressure (by 2011) because of Prince Georgeís County residents drawing water. (The Patuxent River does not have the volume that the Potomac River has.) In determining the project, WSSC considered community impact (most important factor), environmental impact, cost, constructability, schedule/permits, and operations/maintenance. They have solicited community input from the beginning and will be providing impacted communities with information during the project.

The project involves tunneling down 100-300 feet below ground until they reach bedrock and then boring another 20 feet lower. Then a tunnel will be dug connecting the two endpoints. The tunnel will be fitted with piping allowing the water to be moved from the Potomac River to the connecting watermain near the Mormon Temple. The most visible construction will be located at a worksite adjacent to the Connecticut Avenue off ramp from the outer loop of the Beltway. WSSC is working with authorities to ensure that use of that site does not impede traffic flow. It is likely that, although residents will be notified when the tunnel boring is near their home, they will not be aware of the project.

Other business: Kensington Parkwood Elementary School construction project is on schedule.

No other business was discussed and the meeting adjourned. Attendees were invited to enjoy the deserts contributed by various community families.

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