MINUTES -- September 19, 2005

Liz Brennan called the meeting to order with a quick overview of the evening’s agenda.

First Chris St. Clair gave a summary of our budget. A question was raised on how many members we have currently. This is a question for the Membership Chair Kitty Stone - but we just received a bunch of new members. Welcome!

Liz introduced and thanked State Senator Sharon Grosfeld for attending the meeting as well as the Kensington beat reporter for the Gazette.

Liz set the format for our guest speakers [from PEPCO]: Zenayda Mostofi, Corporate Affairs and Daniel Landry, Staff Forester.

Ms.Mostofi briefly spoke about who she was and what her office responsibilities were. She stated we could call her at her office regarding any power issues. 202-670-8741 or cell phone: 240-508-3591 [webmaster note: my records show 202-872-3590 as her office phone number]

A PEPCO rep whose main responsibility is working with the circuit on the maintenance side explained in detail on how the maintenance of power lines occurs. He referred to a diagram which reflected the Parkwood grid system. He did admitt that the circuit on Everett Street had been going out a lot. He blamed lighting as part of the problem. He blamed the trees and squirrels as a big factor with problems. He then stated that a common problem was found with circuit 4447-48 - they have taken those circuits out and fixed the problem. This work was completed end of July 2005.

It was asked if it helps if more than one person calls with either a branch problem and/or if when power goes out. YES - the more calls they receive the more likely they will pin point the area and send a truck out. Everyone should call every 3-4 hours until the issue is resolved.

The next speaker Mr. Daniel Landry, staff forester from Pepco started to talk about the trees. First, he stated that the "department" was going through a transition in the program for 2006. Starting in 2006 you will contact me or my office, we in turn inform the group, a plan is put onto paper, estimated cost is established, the workers go out and do the work, then the work will be inspected. There is a list of where they go each year.

Liz Brennan asked if Pepco could notify her - when and if they were going to be in our area and she would then notify everyone in the community -- this was agreed to

Dan gave his phone number 301-670-8741 for anyone to call him directly if they have a problem with a tree on a wire etc. He made the point to state that no down wires were safe to touch!

Liz closed the meeting by stating our next PRA meeting would be held December 5th.

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