Parkwood Resident’s Association
June 6, 2005

Committee Reports

Kitty Stone provided the membership report.

A draft of the Parkwood Directory is being mailed to all residents. Please take a look at your information to ensure that it is accurate. Also talk to your neighbors about participating. The more people that decide to list their full information the better resource it is for Parkwood.

The Beautification Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance on the median between Parkwood Road and Saul Road on Wildwood Road. There was discussion about going door-to-door to gain support.

Treasurers Report - was given by Chris St. Clair. No questions or discussions were raised.

Old Business

The street light on Tuckerman has been replaced (this is a high pedestrian traffic area)

ASHA development - the density will be worse than originally indicated. The developer was able to get permits for extra town homes.

WSSC Project - Please see attached handout for questions and answers. [Webmaster's note: the image of the handout is too big for posting on our website. Most of the information is available on this WSSC page and the links listed there:] If Saul Road is used, residential owners will be responsible for their own due diligence for any concerns regarding digging of the grounds prior to, during and post digging - that’s if WSSC uses Saul Road. Contact information is listed on the handout attached.

KPES Modernization - Park and Planning has stated they will not replace street trees in lieu of limiting the plantings on school grounds - this was discussed at our last meeting. A professional went through the neighborhood and has selected trees to match our area to be planted on the school grounds.

The Kensington Parkwood School modernization fundraiser deadline has been extended until June 30! These proceeds will be used to upgrade the science lab. (Engraved bricks order form)

The Colony Motor Lodge on Route 355 is being torn down for a multi-story condo unit. Discussion followed regarding the impact of this new project.

Nothing new was reported on the Beltway widening project. However volunteers are still needed to represent Parkwood in the Rock Creek Coalition that is trying stop the widening.

Kensington Safeway Project has been delayed pending a lawsuit by a local group called Kensington First and Café Monet.

Park and Planning has informed us that the sector plan process for Kensington has been delayed due to the limited amount of time County Council representatives have to spend on the review and approval of sector plans especially during an election year (2006). It is expected that the approval process will be pushed to 2007. Kensington Community leaders (including Parkwood) have been meeting with Park and Planning to provide input on the sector revitalization plan. Parkwood could use a few volunteers. If you are interested contact Liz Brennan at

New Business

Renew Montgomery Program - This program will be doing spot repairs to sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street lighting, signs, bus stop amenities, tree maintenance and storm drain improvements in our area. This work started in April and will last for approximately two years. If you would like to have other work done beyond the what is listed and/or if you do not have a sidewalk and would like one installed, the whole block needs to be in agreement and Liz will need to be notified so she can send a letter with such request from the Association.

Kira Lueders volunteered to be the coordinator for any tree issues in Parkwood. (i.e., dead tree in need of removal, stump removal, tree replacement, tree impeding electrical wires, etc.) If anyone finds problem trees in your area, please contact Kira via email at: and give all info as detailed as possible. Liz Brennan volunteered to look into curbs for part of Dresden Street and Clearbrook lane. Other volunteers are needed to address traffic issues. If you are interested contact Liz Brennan at

Walter Reed is closing and moving to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Parkwood leadership has voiced concern regarding the traffic impact this will have on our area with Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

It was announced that the The Circle Manor Nursing Home in the Town of Kensington was sold to a developer. Helen Wilks from the The Kensington National Society “Save the Circle” and member of Kensington Land Trust presented information regarding this issue. After a brief discussion the membership voted for the PRA to send a letter to the Town of Kensington in support of the presevation of this land. Petitions were also circulated.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

Our next meeting will be held in September.

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