Parkwood Residents Association
Minutes -- October 25, 2004

Introduction and Welcome:
Liz Brennan introduced herself and the other officers.

Approval of Minutes:
The June 28, 2004 minutes were distributed and approved.

Guest Speaker:
Dale Tibbits, Montgomery County Civic Federation, was our guest speaker to discuss the initiative on the ballot in November to redistrict/realign the County Council from 5 Districts and 4 At-Large Seats to 9 Districts. It was discussed that the At-Large Seats were getting a disproportionate amount of money from developers and the individual districts were not getting adequate representation. Everyone was urged to vote yes on Question C -- literature and yard signs were passed out.

Old Business:
Discussion: PRA Garden Committee Five Year Plan
Jean Wirsching thanked Claire Murphy for all the great work she has done with the garden on Saul Road and all her efforts with the median on Wildwood Road. It was discussed that Saul Road is barely under control and that a call for volunteers to help take care of Wildwood Road went unanswered. Jean is looking into the possibility of getting a grant from the county - but in the meantime there are concerns about leaves being dumped and dog's waste on the median.

One suggestion was to have Johnson's Garden Center (or other type establishment) take care of the common area. In return a sign would be displayed. There were complaints about this idea - so it did not happen. Another possible solution would be to raise the year dues amount from $10 to $20 to help cover the cost of maintaining the common areas. Nothing was decided on this idea.

It was announced that the PRA Garden Committee is thinking of changing its name to the Beautification Committee. ……keep posted.

Update & Q & A: KP School Modernization:
It was discussed that due to not receiving all the permits up front the construction schedule is behind a bit. If any neighbors have concerns, questions or comments they should go directly to the contractors instead of the County. The contractors are amiable and will respond quickly to work with you. Going through the county will only take longer.

The brick that will be used on the exterior of the building will be dark in color with a blend of light brick disbursed throughout. This is in continuity to match both styles of the cape cods and other homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Some features of the new school include:

To view the school plan designs please go to our website at

Next followed a discussion regarding the traffic concerns. It was discussed whether to form a committee to address development traffic problems. Our development (especially Saul and Parkwood Roads) seems to get a lot of speeding cars cutting through from Connecticut Avenue to Route 355. Suggestions included adding more stop signs and/or speed bumps. Nothing was decided.

The new master plan for NIH was discussed. It has been estimated that the number of current employees of 17,000 will increase to 22,000. Half of the employees park and the other half take mass transit. NIH is looking to increase its parking capacity. There will be a public meeting to discuss this at Walter Johnson High School on November 8 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

New Business:
Jan Thomas has volunteered to create/maintain our PRA directory. She will cover all costs as an associate broker of Long and Foster, which will be credited in the directory. It was voted on and passed.

PRA Social Event. Our next meeting of the Parkwood Residents Association is on Wednesday, December 1, 2004, 7:30 pm, at Kensington Park Library (4201 Knowles Ave), downstairs. This will be a social event. The Kensington-Parkwood Elementary School Chorus will regale us.

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