Parkwood Residents Association
Minutes -- June 28, 2004

Introduction and Welcome:
Liz Brennan introduced herself and the other officers.

Approval of Minutes:
March 22, 2004 minutes were not approved.

Membership Report:
Kitty Stone announced that dues are being collected now for 2004. At present approximately 150 households are members of the PRA. It was mentioned / suggested to increase dues to $10.00 for each person as appose to $10.00 per household to help with costs. Nothing was finalized with this idea.

Guest Speaker #1:
Guy Turenne, Tree Maintenance Program Manger for Montgomery County

Mr. Turenne explained that at present this Department is undergoing reorganization and changes. The Director, Mike Hoit, is no longer in office and this position is vacant. Currently the Department is not actively going out and maintaining trees only concentrating on cutting grass. However, you can contact them and they will be willing to come to your street and take care of a dying tree and/or plant a new tree. To have a tree removed, there is a 12 month waiting period; to have a stump removed it is 24 months. Some residents stated that it has taken longer. Mr. Turene further stated that a resident needs a permit to trim, water or plant a tree on county property. Their policy is to maintain the existing character of the neighborhood, however, Mr. Turenne stated that too many maple trees were used back in the '70's and now new species are being used. Mr. Turene assessed the health of the trees in the Parkwood area as fair to good. Sidewalk obstruction was discussed and if there was a way to maintain/prevent these issues. Mr. Turene stated that they are only budgeted to landscape maintenance - meaning care of grass. The Parkwood area is budgeted for 12 times a year maximum. However, it usually ends up being only eight times, which breaks down to one mowing in July and one mowing in August. If you have any questions or concerns, Mr. Turenne can be contacted at:

DPWT, Division of Operations/Highway Maintenance Section
240-777-7633 or

Guest Speaker #2:
Mary Cassel from the Kensington Parkwood PTA -- Chair person KPES

Mary presented information on the KP Engraved Bricks Project. This project has been developed as a fundraiser to augment the county funding for the Parkwood School renovation. The concept is to offer engraved bricks. All proceeds are dedicated to enhance the school modernization. The bricks can be engraved with either a name or a message and can be up to two lines (18 letters or spaces per line) and will be incorporated into the school grounds. The bricks are being sold for $100 each. A portion of the "bricks" are tax deductible! Mary had a handout announcing the project and an order form to buy bricks. Order form is attached as a pdf file for your convenience.

It was briefly discussed about having PRA purchase a brick. The Executive Committee met in May and was able to identify $200 (two bricks) from this year's budget that could be used as a donation from the PRA. The school is still in the early stages of this fundraiser but hope to be up and going strong by the end of the year. Please contact the Executive Committee or Liz Brennan with any feedback you may have in regards to this fundraiser.

The placement of the engraved bricks has not yet been determined.

It was suggested /discussed about selling the old bricks for $20.00 to help in the fundraising. This will be looked into. This will be further discussed / pursued.

There was some discussion about receiving the latest news letter. If you did not receive the newsletter, you can view it on the website at: or you can contact our block captain chair at:
Paula Flicker

Committee Reports:

Gardening Committee
The Garden Committee announced the annual cleanup day for the Saul Road Island is set for Saturday, July 3, 2004. Please contact Clare Murphy for more information at 301-493-8660.

The Garden Committee presented a history/five year plan for the care/maintenance for the public area in Parkwood. Their report is attached. Please provide comments, suggestions and/or questions to Clare Murphy at 301-493-8660 or or to Liz Brennan.

There was a small increase in membership. It was briefly discussed about possibly raising the membership dues to help with costs.

Financial Report
The financial report was given by Chris St. Clair, Treasurer. Overall, the budget stayed the same.

President's Report

Liz Brennan brought the building plans for the new KP. The site plans can be viewed on the PRA website. demolition is to begin at any moment!

There were no issues voted on.

It was mentioned and briefly discussed about the increased activity of rats because of the construction on KP. Liz Brennan stated she would contact the County abatement Plan and get more information.


Next meeting is scheduled for September 2004.

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