Parkwood Residents Association
Minutes - March 12, 2002

Welcome / Introductions
Dan Shepherdson, President, introduced himself and Jerry Miller, Treasurer. Both stepped down from their positions effective 3/12/02. The last PRA meeting was held approximately 18 months ago.

The following residents ran unopposed for PRA positions and were elected to office:
President Liz Brennan
Vice President   Jan Rothman
Treasurer Chris St. Clair
Secretary Debbie Zwick

Treasurers Report
Jerry Miller reported that the current balance is approximately $680.00

Block Captains
Valerie Gottron spoke about resurrecting the block captain system. Kathy Byars has volunteered to assist in organization and recruitment of volunteers. Block captains would be responsible for disseminating PRA information and notifying Welcome Committee of new residents.

Questions asked were: How many households in Parkwood? (913) What are the boundaries of Parkwood and can we put a map in the next newsletter? (Parkwood is bordered by Westbrook Lane, Beach Drive, Parkwood Drive and Cedar Lane)

Welcome Committee
Valerie Gottron spoke about creating a Welcome Committee. Volunteers will be contacted from the resident survey. It was suggested that new residents be given packages/folders with area information and PRA newsletter and directory.

Valerie Gottron spoke about putting together a Parkwood directory. Dues paying members would be included. A committee will need to be formed to create the directory and sell advertising to pay for it.

Babysitting Co-op
Valerie Gottron is interested in establishing a babysitting co-op. She wants to find someone to co-chair. It was mentioned that Laura Roberts did a babysitting co-op previously.

Gardening Club
Liz Brennan reported for Jean Wirching. Jean is willing to co-chair. She has been paying her gardener to care for island at Saul and Cedar. There was a suggestion to re-do Parkwood signs.

KP Elementary School
Dan Shepherdson discussed the delayed modernization schedule. KP, originally scheduled for modernization during the 2002-2003 school year, is currently scheduled to be rebuilt from the ground up in 2006. Blair Ewing supports restoring the original modernization schedule by redirecting 94 million dollars away from the Montrose Parkway project, building natural gas refueling stations for busses, and the Strathmore project. The money would be directed to restoring the school modernization schedule, affordable housing and green space.

Two residents expressed concern regarding the new KP design and design process.

After discussion, the PRA voted in favor of sending a letter in support of Blair Ewing's proposal that would restore the modernization schedule.

Sound Barriers and Traffic Issues
It was established that there should be two separate committees to address each of these issues individually.

Regarding traffic, Dan Shepherdson reported that stop signs have been placed at the intersection of Saul Road and Parkwood Drive. He said that they are still working on getting lines painted on the roads at that intersection. Residents expressed concerns regarding other intersections and speeding. It was agreed that there is a problem throughout the community regarding traffic and that the PRA should form a group to address laundry list of concerns.

The county has created a task force to examine the U-turn issue on Rockville Pike south and address the concerns of the communities on either side of Rockville Pike between Pooks Hill and Cedar Lanes. Eliminating U-turns on Rockville Pike south severely limits access to Parkwood and therefore directly affects the community. It is the goal of the PRA to gain representation on the county task force to ensure Parkwood has a voice in the matter.

Regarding sound barriers, it was reported that a sound survey was done and only 12 houses on Parkwood drive qualify. Sound barriers were therefore deemed not cost- effective. A resident reported that a proposal was put forth 10 - 15 years ago to put sound barriers in the park, but that the Park Commission was not interested. Question raised regarding sending a letter to the Park Commission for support.

It was brought to the attention of the PRA that a Rock Creek Coalition exists. The RCC is comprised of 6 civic associations on both sides of the beltway and was established as a result of issues surrounding the beltway. The treasurer, Mr. ____ Wood?????, was present at the PRA meeting. It was suggested that we take our issue to the RCC for support.

A motion was put forth to support sound abatement measures. The motion passed.

Two residents volunteered to chair Sound Barrier Committee.

Coalition of Kensington Communities
Liz Brennan discussed the CKC and the committees formed at the last CKC meeting. She discussed the need for the PRA to empower a group to represent Parkwood and volunteers to serve on the committees. A motion was put forth to identify representatives to carry issues forward to the CKC. The motion was passed.

Re-opening of HOC Gym
Liz Brennan reported that Rock Creek Hills, KenGar, Kensington Estates, and the Town of Kensington support re-opening the gym and establishing a part time community center. HOC would like to move, but the county 6-year Capital Improvement Budget did not support the move. A proposal has been sent to the county for a part-time community center and gym. The proposal requests supervision 40 hours per week on weekends and evenings. Fundraisers would be held to acquire equipment. A motion was made to support the part-time community center as we work toward a full-time center in the future. The motion was passed.

Skateboard Park at HOC
Liz Brennan gave background information regarding the informal skateboard park at HOC. Skateboarders have responded to complaints regarding their behavior by establishing a skateboarder code of ethics. Local police and fire departments support the skateboard park.. HOC reports no injuries or lawsuits. A motion was made to send a letter of support for the skateboard park from the PRA. The motion was passed.

Listserve/Website Being established. Anyone interested should contact Liz or Rachel Loreto. (Added by webmaster: Rachel has turned over the website to Peter Mansbach.)

PRA meeting location and schedule
A motion was made to meet quarterly. The motion was passed.

A motion was made to raise PRA dues. A motion to discuss the proposal and set an amount to be put forward for voting at the next meeting was passed.

Next Meetings

Locations TBA