Parkwood Residents’ Association
Minutes - December 10, 2002

Liz Brennan introduced herself. Attendees introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes
September minutes were distributed and approved.

Update: Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC)

New Business

Committee Reports
Welcoming Committee
Ann Grange and Karen Shuler put together a welcome packet for new residents. Block captains will distribute. A question was raised regarding absence of list of churches and synagogues in the packet.

Block Captains
Kathy Byars discussed function of the block captains as distributing newsletters and questioned addition of new job distributing welcome packets. Liz Brennan suggested keeping this fluid as some block captains may not live on the street they cover and wouldn’t know of new residents. Kathy will put a list of the block captains on the listserve.

Election Report
Precinct 1338 includes most of Parkwood. There are 1400 registered voters; 1007 - 70% - voted in the November election.

Discussion: What Does Parkwood Want?
Tom Perez contacted Liz to find out what the PRA would like accomplished. Following are ideas put forth: School modernization; Sound barriers; Kensington town improvements such as pedestrian crossing on Connecticut Avenue; Stricter animal control laws; Better lighting in area of Beach Drive at Grosvenor Lane and Rockville Pike; Better warning to traffic about pedestrian/bike crossing on Beach Drive past Connecticut; and Emergency procedures for the community (post 9/11) and public awareness of procedures.

Old Business

Next Meeting - March 2003