Parkwood Residents' Association
Minutes - September 17, 2002

Approval of Minutes
June minutes were distributed and approved.

Guest Speaker - Steve Bartlett, Montgomery County Animal Control
Mr. Bartlett discussed the matter of 3 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers located on Saul Road. The owners have been brought before the Animal Control Hearing Board due to their inability to control the dogs' aggressive behavior. He informed the PRA that the owners were fined for violations. Additionally, he discussed the incident on Sept. 5th when one of the same dogs attacked a Kensington Parkwood E.S. maintenance employee as he was locking up and checking the perimeter of the building. Again a citation was issued because the dogs were not under voice control.

Mr. Bartlett brought information regarding Animal Control laws and procedures. We learned from him that a bite must require multiple stitches before an animal can be considered "dangerous". However, Animal Control can require an animal to be leashed before it is declared "dangerous". The owner then has the right to appeal that decision. We learned that there is no law requiring animals to be leashed except when they are in the park and when on school grounds during school hours. Animals are required to be under "voice control". Citizens wishing to report aggressive behavior must fill out an affidavit.

A resident asked Mr. Bartlett about nuisance wildlife. He referred the resident to the Department of Natural Resources.

New Business

Animal Control Policies
A motion was put forth by Tom St. Clair that the PRA support a request that the county review Animal Control codes and require a leash to be used after one un-provoked aggressive incident. A suggestion was made that it be channeled through county council members. The motion passed with 32 votes.

Bioterrorism Facility at NIH
Kira Lueders has been sitting on the NIH Community Liaison Council and gathering information regarding the proposed bioterrorism facility at NIH. Money is designated for the construction of this facility at the corner of Cedar Lane and Wisconsin Avenue by the newly formed Homeland Security Department. It is included in the 2003 budget but has not yet been passed by Congress.

The facility will be a "Safety Level 3" building - agents can be passed by aerosols. Testing will include animal research. Concern was expressed that this type of building doesn't belong in such a densely populated area. It may also become an attractive target for terrorists as well as other protesters.

A motion was put forth by Kira Lueders that we take a position against the construction of this facility. She read a letter expressing that position. Discussion included mentioning the following in the letter: A remote facility would be more appropriate; that it would become a terrorist target. Traffic impact was also discussed and it was decided that that would not be mentioned in the letter. It was also suggested that we forward the letter to other neighborhood associations and the National Capital Planning Commission as their prior approval of a building on the site was based on an impact statement that did not include this particular type of facility. The motion was passed. Additionally, a motion was put forth and passed to appoint Kira our official PRA representative to the NIH Community Liaison Council.

Committee Reports

Babysitting Co-op: Valerie Gottron informed the members that forms will be available on the PRA web site. She also left some for anyone interested in participating.

Directory: Kitty Stone is willing to take the lead in compiling a neighborhood directory. It will be printed as not everyone has access to a computer. An information form will go out with the next newsletter. The directory will be organized by street. It was suggested that it be cross-referenced by name also. It was suggested that areas of interest be included. A motion was put forth to proceed with development of the PRA Directory. The motion was passed.

Gardening Club: Claire Murphy reported that the July maintenance effort - mulching and weeding - went well. Monique Bonner painted the sign at Saul and Cedar Lane and will decorate it for holidays. There was discussion about placing signs at Parkwood Drive and Cedar Lane and at Beach Drive and Franklin Street. The garden club will get estimates and investigate getting permits. Immediate goal is to clean up the island at Saul and Cedar. An estimate of $262.00 to weed, edge and mulch has been secured. Membership voted to allow spending of $262.00 for clean up. Funding suggestions included a community yard sale, community grants and/or donation of time and skills of a woodworking hobbyist.

Update: Coalition of Kensington Communities
Liz Brennan reported that the CKC met with Park and Planning and the Mayor to discuss traffic problems in Kensington. A letter is being sent to Doug Duncan regarding the lack of sidewalks on Connecticut Avenue. The CKC is also involved in assisting the HOC move and discussing use of the site as a community center. Other issues being addressed are the request for a footbridge from Parkwood to Grosvenor Metro and the PRA's request to sit on the task force examining the U-turn problem on Rockville Pike.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, December 10th at Kensington Parkwood Elementary School
Voter Turnout - There are 1,432 registered voters in Parkwood - Get out the vote!
Macy's at Wheaton Plaza - plans are in the works.
Block Captains still needed - contact Kathy Byars.