Parkwood Residents Association
10112 Wildwood Road
Kensington, MD 20895-4113

December 18, 2006

Mr. John Ceschini
Kensington-Parkwood Elementary School
4710 Saul Road
Bethesda, MD 20895

Dear Mr. Ceschini,

I am writing you at the encouragement of my fellow Parkwood residents to bring an unfortunate occurrence to your attention. This concerns unprofessional behavior on the part of Ms. Fran Beatty. As documented in the enclosed e-mail exchanges I had with Ms. Beatty, I invited the Kensington-Parkwood chorus to sing at the December meeting of the Parkwood Residents Association by sending Ms. Beatty an e-mail on September 26th. I clearly stated the event was to take place at 7:30 pm on December 4th in the KPES all-purpose room. Her reply on September 28th indicated she was confused about where that was, and I sent an additional e-mail with an explanation.

I sent an e-mail on November 6th reminding her of the event, but she was in Italy and evidently did not read that message. I sent another e-mail on November 30th, again noting the location at KPES and the 7:30 time of the event. A few days later, a parent of a chorus member e-mailed me asking where the chorus was to sing, because the school had sent home a notiice saying the performance was at the Kensington Library. I sent another e-mail to Ms. Beatty on December 3rd, pointing out the error and once again telling her the event was to be at KPES.

When members of the Parkwood Residents Association arrived for the meeting at 7:30, we were astonished to discover that Ms. Beatty had started the performance at 7:00, and the chorus members and parents were preparing to leave. Evidently, she also did not provide the cookies for the children that she had offered to bring. When I spoke to her and expressed my dismay at what had occurred, she was barely civil, and claimed she was tired and had no idea what the Parkwood Residents Association was. I told her that the members were disappointed to have missed the performance, and she said it didnít matter since there were plenty of chorus memberís parents present, and she was quite happy with the performance.

The Parkwood Residents Association members would at least have expected an apology from Ms. Beatty. We feel the lack of respect she showed to the neighbors of KPES needs to be brought to your attention.


Kira Lueders, President PRA

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