Coalition of Kensington Communities Update:

September 2007 Meeting:

The CKC hosted the District 5 (which includes Parkwood) County Council representative Valerie Ervin. Ms. Ervin heard from CKC representatives on a variety of issues of importance to our community including: pedestrian safety, recreation/community center closings, the Parkwood permit parking issue, Kensington Sector plan and the Annual Growth Policy.

At this meeting it was reiterated by MCPS Facilities Manger Sean Gallagher that the street parking of school employees is a direct result of the request by members of the community (not PRA and not the KP PTA) to reduce the footprint of the school modernization project by limiting the number of parking spaces.

Members of the CKC agreed to support the Rock Creek Hills neighborhood’s request for reduced noise from train horns at the Capital Heights Crossing and requested that the Council and State Delegation implement alternative Silent Designation for shorter, quieter horn blasts along with crossing barriers.

November 2007 Meeting:

The CKC hosted the Chair of the Civic Federation’s Land Use Committee, Jim Humphries to discuss the impact of the county’s recently adopted Annual Growth Policy. The new policy addresses traffic mobility via roads and public transportation and school capacity. Still missing from the policy is any capacity ceilings. Additionally it was noted that the Base Realignment & Closure (BRAC) traffic impacts at Bethesda Naval will not be included in any of the traffic analysis/mitigation because it is a federal project and is therefore exempt from the AGP measures.

Also discussed were the proposed plans to enlarge the White Flint Mall. CKC representatives will be attending meetings to voice concern over the negative impact our neighborhoods will have if the plan moves forward. The proposal includes two hotels, 3400 residential units, over 1 million square feet of retail space and office space as well.

Action items included:

voted to send a letter to Park & Planning objecting to the proposed closings of several area community centers.

voted to send a letter of support for Zoning Text Amendment No. 07-15, Signs - Permit Fees that would release neighborhood associations from taxes related to signage.

The Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC) is a unified body of area civic associations founded to enhance the quality of life in the Kensington area. Towards this end the group works with local government to address issues of urban design, recreation, transportation, pedestrian accessibility and economic growth affecting greater Kensington. Liz Brennan represents the Parkwood community. If you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the information in this report you may contact her at

The next meeting of the CKC will be January 31. All notices for CKC meetings are posted on the PRA listserve.

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