Parkwood Residents Association
10112 Wildwood Road
Kensington, MD 20895-4113

January 6, 2008

Officer in Charge-BRAC
National Naval Medical Center
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20889

On behalf of the Parkwood Residents Association, I am voicing a concern about the traffic study in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) in relation to the impending BRAC at National Naval Medical Center. The Parkwood subdivision in Kensington is comprised of 918 single family homes and is located northeast of the National Naval Medical Center, bounded on the east by Cedar Lane which becomes Summit Ave. At the request of the Parkwood Residents Association, Montgomery County in 1997 designated Cedar Lane a two lane road between Knowles Ave and Beach Dr to minimize speeding traffic on Cedar Lane and reduce cut-through traffic in our neighborhood.

One of the 27 intersections that was analyzed for the DEIS Appendix C-Transportation Study, that of Cedar Lane and Rockville Pike, is presently rated F for level of service at both the a.m. and p.m. peak periods, and will continue to be rated F after the projected increase in traffic due to this BRAC. According to figures from the DEIS, no increase in Cedar Lane traffic crossing Rockville Pike is forseen in the next 4 years, but an increase of 24% is projected in the traffic turning right from northbound Rockville Pike to eastbound Cedar Lane (Fig 5a and Fig 21a). This traffic will impact Parkwood. Our area already has major back-ups from traffic heading east on Cedar Lane at the following intersections: Summit and Knowles Avenues, Knowles and Connecticut Avenues, Summit Ave and Plyers Mill Rd, and Plyers Mill Rd and Connecticut Ave.

We consider it a glaring oversight that these intersections were not included in the DEIS traffic study, since they have a major impact on Parkwood and the other neighborhoods adjoining Cedar Lane to the east of Rockville Pike. Given the anticipated impact on the Parkwood neighborhood, we ask the Navy to correct this oversight and determine what the present level of service is for these intersections, and what the level will be as a result of BRAC. The Parkwood community is opposed to the possibility that Cedar Lane, between Beach Drive and Summit, could be designated a four lane road to facilitate movement of traffic due to BRAC.

While we recognize the need for a world-class hospital such as the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to provide essential care for our troops and veterans, we anticipate that the expansion of the National Naval Medical Center will have a profoundly negative effect on the quality of life for our neighborhood, primarily due to increased commuter traffic.

We request that traffic mitigation and quality of life issues for the surrounding neighborhoods be a top priority as plans for this project move forward.


Kira K. Lueders
President, Parkwood Residents Association

Senator Ben Cardin
Senator Barbara Mikulski
Congressman Chris Van Hollen
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown
State Senator Rich Madaleno
Montgomery County Executive Ike Legget
County Council District 5 Representative Valerie Ervin
Montgomery County BRAC Implementation Committee
Mayor Peter Fosselman, Town of Kensington

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