Parkwood Residents Association
10112 Wildwood Road
Kensington, MD 20895-4113

December 28, 2006

Officer in Charge-BRAC
8901 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20889

To whom it may concern,

The Parkwood Residents Association (PRA) is made up of 900 homes located off Cedar Lane east of Rockville Pike. As a result of the location of our neighborhood, the state of traffic on Rockville Pike/ Wisconsin Ave and Cedar Lane is of concern to the residents since these are major routes that we have to traverse to reach our homes and conduct our lives. Traffic on these routes is already so heavy that there are times of the day when movement in the area is nearly impossible. Therefore, the potential increase in traffic due not only to the additional employees to be moved to NNMC, but also due to the additional traffic from outpatient visits, is not acceptable.

In addition, as president of PRA I object to the short notice given to the various neighborhood residents associations in the area that comments on the EIS would be due on January 4, 2007. I received notice from the Department of the Navy on December 12, 2006 that this process was beginning, with meetings starting that very day. Most meetings for comments on the EIS were held the week before Christmas. Because of the short notice, the PRA has not had a chance to meet and discuss the EIS issue. Our meetings are held four times a year at which time we also publish a newsletter informing residents of issues of interest. Only 30% of our residents are on the PRA listserve, making it impossible for us to discuss the Navy EIS and to take a position on it as an organization. The period for solicitation of public comments on the EIS, which was less than one month, was not sufficient.


Kira Lueders, President

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