Sample letter for elected officials to raise awareness of the
Importance of Expansion of Bethesda Naval to create the New National Naval Medical Center

Date – TODAY, 2008


Identify where you are from –

As a resident of xxx community, I am interested in the quality of life of this area.

State the goal –

We want to see this BRAC work by making sure it is done right, the first time, both inside and outside the fence.

Why it is important –

This is a unique project in many important ways. The critical mission of the new Walter Reed is of utmost importance. However, unlike typical BRAC actions, this expansion is taking place in an urban area in close proximity to mature and settled neighborhoods. The community, nevertheless, wants to see it work as the world-class facility it should become. Most importantly, this is not just a local issue, but a national imperative to do right by the men and women whom have given so much.

Ask for specific action (choose one depending on addressee) –
County – continue to press for support from state and congressional leaders

State – ensure that funding is directed toward improvements on state operated roads and intersections.

Congress – give this project the attention it deserves to make sure that the unfunded mandate can be successful for all.

Thank you for your time and concern. We will look forward to your support on this critical issue.



Sample letter for Governor O’Malley


Governor Martin O’Malley
100 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401-1925

Dear Governor O’Malley:

As a voter and a resident of Parkwood, in Kensington, MD, I am watching the BRAC mandated expansion at the National Naval Medical Center very closely. Thank you for creating the BRAC sub-Cabinet chaired by the Lieutenant Governor. I take this as a sign that you and your colleagues are taking this matter seriously.

The expansion of the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) will have a tremendous impact on our area. The expansion and renovation of facilities will see an increase in staff and a doubling of patients and visitors. When the facility becomes operational in 2011, 1 million more people will be entering and leaving the NNMC over the course of a year, than do today.

All this is happening in an already congested urban area that is a significant economic contributor to Montgomery County and the State of Maryland. Four of the 10 worst intersections in Montgomery County are on state roads adjacent to the base. If the details of access and egress to the NNMC are given secondary importance, the area will experience increased traffic congestion and gridlock, diminished quality of life in surrounding communities, and unacceptable conditions for military veterans and their families trying to reach the medical center. The infrastructure to achieve the mission should be given all of the funding necessary, for ultimately it will be the troops and The Free State that suffer from under-funded roadway and transit improvements.

As Governor of our state, we need your help to ensure that NNMC growth contributes to and does not obstruct the vibrancy and attractiveness of Bethesda as a commercial and residential center and economic engine. This expansion deserves greater attention than other BRAC activities in Maryland for the eyes of the nation will be watching to see how our veterans fare at these new facilities. That means making the appropriate mitigation measures a legislative and budget priority. By investing in the critical transportation and transit infrastructure necessary, we can take advantage of all that this expansion has to offer for Maryland, and most importantly, for the world-class health care facility and short-term home that it will become for our most worthy patients, the troops who protect us all, and their families.

Thank you for your help in this undertaking.



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