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I want to bring to your attention some BRAC items in the news and on Montgomery Countyís BRAC web site (

First, some BREAKING NEWS FROM CAPITOL HILL! Yesterday the House Appropriations Committee approved the FY2009 Military Construction-Veterans Affairs appropriations bill. The bill includes language that expresses strong support for the Defense Access Road (DAR) projects that have been requested for NNMC in Bethesda. (See below for more information about the DAR projects.). This is a major achievement, showing that the House of Representatives understands the traffic problems BRAC will create in Bethesda. While this legislation has many hurdles to clear before it becomes law, hopefully it will encourage DOD to respond favorably to the DAR requests. Many thanks to Representatives Chris Van Hollen and Chet Edwards for their work on this language.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released a report calling on the federal government to do more to assist communities impacted by BRAC Growth. You can find the GAO report and news articles about it on the IN THE NEWS PAGE. Here are some pertinent links:

Congress passed a wartime supplemental funding bill that includes additional funds for BRAC construction at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda. Note that this bill doesnít include funds for off-campus transportation projects identified by the state and county as essential to mitigate increased BRAC-related traffic:

In early May, the Navyís Bureau of Medicine submitted a request to DOD to certify two projects at NNMC under the Defense Access Road (DAR) program. These projects include constructing an east-side entrance to the Medical Center Metro station and to make certain turn lane improvements at the NNMC main gates. DODís agreeing to certify these projects under the DAR program would constitute DODís acknowledging responsibility for significant increases in traffic around NNMC due to the BRAC action. Formal studies of traffic mitigation projects would follow, and then Congress would have to appropriate funds to construct those projects if they are deemed feasible.

The BRAC web site has a new BUSINESS & WORKFORCE OPPORTUNITIES PAGE. There is valuable information on that page, but be sure to check out the HOME PAGE and RESOURCES PAGE for related information:

As always, the IN THE NEWS PAGE is updated daily. There are items about local and regional BRAC, military and veteransí health care, transportation, and relevant federal and state legislation and politics:

Remember to visit Montgomery Countyís BRAC web site every day, as it is updated frequently. Please note that the web site wonít be updated between June 26 and July 7:

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